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I passed by an Etrade branch yesterday and saw their "The Buck Starts Here" slogan, which I thought is rather clever.
What slogans do other financial services companies use that you know?  Thanks.

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Citi - "Lets Get it Done."
UBS - "You and Us"
Morgan Stanley - "One client at a time"
Smith Barney - "Where wealth works"
Piper Jaffray - "Guides for the Journey"
AG Edwards - "Fully invested in our clients."
Edward Jones - "Making Sense of Investing"
Goldman Sachs - "Minds Wide Open"

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1. "Don't LEHve Home Without Us"
2. "If You Can't Bear Poor Execution, Trade Up to the BEST."
Haven't had enough SBUX to come up with one for JEF.

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I thought Morgan Stanley was "WORLD WISE"

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Mine: "Free Beer for Clients"

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san fran broker wrote:
Morgan Stanley - "One client at a time"
I think MS's internal slogan is "One client debit at a time"

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I thought Jones' was the right choice for the long term...Nope....wait... that's American Funds.  I always get those 2 confused for some reason.

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Morgan Stanley is definetly "World Wise," they got rid of "One Client at a Time" with Purcell

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Hull Financial Group - "An annuity in every IRA."

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