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David mcwilliams was announced as one of the 3 new regional heads today for UBS (UBS has gone to only 3 regions). Mcwilliams will run the central region which is the midwest down to Fl & GA.

A unknown with UBS he was hired from Merrill 6 weeks ago; It sounds like he ran a large region / division with Merrill before.

So far i have heard mixed reviews on him from current / former Merrill people (some said he had a few HR suits against him) whats the community thoughts on him?

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Talk about poor timing. I'll bet he wishes he'd stayed at the mothership after seeing the debacle that's become UBS.

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broker boy- time will tell, its tough to see layoffs but its the right business decision in this market.

Any comments on Mcwilliams out there?

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David McWilliams was one of the Regional Managers that was downsized from Merill earlier this year (January or so).  He was a good guy.  Rumor was that he was one of the higher paid Managers and that is why he was let go.

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Arkansas is right.  He wasn't hired from Merrill.  He had been let go from Merrill several months ago. 

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