Series 66 is tough...and I am discouraged

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So, for the second time, I failed the Series 66.  The first time, I scored a 66 (got cocky after scoring a 82% on my Series 7)....then, on my last opportunity, I scored a 73.  I was told I only needed a 71 (nobody at our firm knew the requirements had changed).  I was pretty discouraged walking out of the test center.  Anyway, I was using the 2007 version of the Pass Perfect you think that made a difference?  I thought I knew the material in the books well and there was a lot of stuff on the new 66 that the book hadn't really discussed.I just ordered Robert Walkers "Pass the 66" package.  I hope this helps me get over the hurdle.  I was so so so embarassed walking into the office after not passing a second time.  It was also April fools so people thought I was pulling their chains...what an awful day.Can anyone give me any advice on what to look for or use for supplemental materials?  I have the pass this time or I think I need to find another career.-Mr. Discouraged

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I think Kaplan has a course you can take... 2 all day class room courses in major cities, friend used them to pass his 24 second time...

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Hey Maine, Don't beat yourself up. I just passed the 7 with an 89 then took the 66 and passed with an 83, but on the 66 I pretty much guessed at over half of the questions and felt lost through the entire test. It was very hard for me to remain positive while taking the exam. I prepared with the newest Pass Perfect material and did well on all of the practice tests, but when I got into the exam I felt as though I was taking a test I had never prepared for.  Eliminating answers on hunches, and just accepting that I did not know the majority of material they were asking me about enabled me to pass.A friend I work with used the same material to study, was much better prepared, did 4x the amount of practice tests I did, and then made a 74. The 66 is a hard test, and in my opinion, you will have to be good at eliminating answers and guessing the likely right answer to pass. I don't know if there is a Series 66 for Dummies book, but the Series 7 for Dummies  has some great material on how to eliminate answers and basic test taking strategy. 

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Thanks a lot--appreciate the positive words.  I don't know why the word "co*ky" was blocked out...that is the word I used when describing how I felt about taking the 66.  I did buy the 7 for Dummies book but found Robert Walkers book much better at discussing the tests ins and outs.Oddly enough, I felt good when I hit the submit button for the test--thought I had passed no problem.  When I saw 73, I was pretty pleased...then I saw the word, "fail" and I had no idea what was going on.  I had to ask the testing center why 73% wasn't passing...they said as of January 1, the new score you needed to pass was 75%.

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I just passed the 66 this past week. I have to say I'm not really a fan of the Pass Perfect material. I didn't like the way their Series 7 material was organized. Thank Goodness I took the Kaplan course in addition and got an 89 on it. I stuck with the Pass Perfect materials for the 66, and in the month between taking the 7 and my first crack at the 66, my daughter was born and my grandmother died, so I didn't study as well as I probably should have. My own fault completely. Got a 74 on the test and wished it was a 40. I probably would have felt better about it. I went back to the Pass Perfect material and got it up to a 78 this past week. Not the greatest, but a pass is a pass. Still, when I take the 31 coming up here pretty soon I'm just going straight to the Kaplan materials.

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"...Anyway, I was using the 2007 version of the Pass Perfect you think that made a difference?  I thought I knew the material in the books well and there was a lot of stuff on the new 66 that the book hadn't really discussed..."Yes, it did make a difference.  Starting 1 January the composition of the test changed significantly.  Presently the test is 50% legal/ethics and 50% analysis.  Prior to that it was 80% legal/ethics and 20% analysis.  The Pass Perfect practice tests were designed around that.  By using three year old materials, you were under prepared for the analysis part.While the Pass Perfect suite worked for me, I supplemented it with other training materials. has free online lesson plans and practice tests too.Pass Perfect has a money back guarantee.  If you pass a certain amount of their practice final exams and fail the actual test, they will pay for the re-take.  But in order to cash in on that you needed to have their textbook and internet package.  I presume you did not...

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