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I got a chance to go to First Investors, Ameriprise, MetLife, Scottrade, AIG, and a few local firms (Texas).  Does anyone know much about First Investors? Their headquarters is on Wall Street but thats the only good thing I know about them.  Not considering Ameriprise at all, MetLife is really not that appealing, Scottrade still uses the term stockbroker but you really are more like customer service.  I want to be able to offer stocks and bonds etc. and I don't know if First Investors does that kind of business.  What's up with having a series 6 in stead of a 7? 

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Pass MOTU, 'nuff said.  Ameriprise and Metlife are heads and shoulders above FI. 

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Joined: 2004-11-29

FI is a Joke.
At Scottrade you will be an order taker.  "Would you like some fries or an apple pie with that sir?  Your total is $4.56, first window please!"

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If it's your first job in investment sales I would want someone with a training program and reputable name. I know a guy that started with Fidelity then moved to AGE. He's doing well with it. You might learn quite a bit with Scott Trade due to the heavy call volume.

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Or you could join a real firm and sell (yes, this is a selling game) real product.

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