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Anyone has any useful info on Matson Money? I have a few dollars invested with them but I am a little worry about scams especially after B. Madoff - i dont know much about stocks, mutual funds etc but i am considering changing from Matson to another institution....any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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Take a look at Loring Ward. They have a similar investment philosophy (DFA funds and ETFs, managed portfolios, serve as a TAMP for advisors), but have a more conservative public presence and a long history (the firm was previously known as Assante and before that it was owned by John Bowen of now-CEG fame). They are a stable, large firm with 8 Billion AUM and one of DFA's largest clients. I know the executives personally and they all have high integrity.

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"More conservative pubic presence" or not, if your money is with a custodian like Charles Schwab I wouldn't worry about a B. Madoff situation. Matson's strategies and execution has been superior for all my clients. I know the executives of the firm personally and they too have high integrity. If you have money invested with them-you had to of gone through an adviser/coach to get there. Where is that person in relationship to you now?

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Sunlight: I have personally invested my money with Matson Money since about 1997. As one who studies these things, I believe them to be the most well researched and ethical firm available. I have met the company founder Mark Matson on several occassions. He is extremely smart, bright, and full of integrity. I frankly cannot think of a better firm to manage my money. As for Bernie Madoff, Matson protects their clients by using outside custodians such as Charles Scwhab (Madoff did not). Every quarter I receive a report from both Matson and Scwhab. The numbers match every time.

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You should contact your Matson Money Coach immediately and tell him/her exactly what you said here. If something has happened to your coach you may contact Matson's Home Office directly at 513.204.8000. Good Luck.

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