VA Trails when changng B/Ds

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What happens to trails when you move from 1 B/D to another.  The problem here is I've annuitied a lot of my biz, but am exploring B/D options.  If I took a lower payout upfront for a 1% annual trail, is that something that when I take over the contracts again for my client I will continue to get paid?  Or is this the VA companies "out" on that deal?



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It will probably depend on the compensation structure for that product & payout structure with the new B/D.

For example:
Variable Annuity with B/D1 has option B payout: 4% up front, 1% trail.

Variable Annuity with B/D2 has option B payout: 3.75% up front, .75% trail.

In my mind, the best people who can answer your question is your new B/D.

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