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Life Insurance Valuation, Life Settlements Subject of National Estate Planning Conference Keynote

NEW YORK-- Alan H. Buerger, CEO and co-founder of Coventry Financial, has agreed to speak at the Institute for International Research (IIR) Advanced Strategies for Estate Planning and Trust Services, June 21-22, 2001 at the Hilton Boston Back Bay, MA. He will give a presentation entitled "How to Build Your Practice with Life Insurance Valuation and Life Settlements."

Mr. Buerger's presentation will introduce a new estate planning tool -- life insurance valuation. Mr. Buerger will show how to use this advanced
technique when reviewing life insurance policies for older, affluent individuals.
He will discuss the fair market value of life insurance policies, the effect this service is having on the fiduciary responsibility of advisors, and
how to access a policy's fair market value through a life settlement.

Mr. Buerger joins other top industry professionals at this second annual national event. The conference is a leading edge forum for the private bank, trust and asset management professionals on how to capture and service the high-net-worth client. In addition, the conference will address innovative
products to meet clients' needs in a post-estate tax repeal environment.