Possible Presidential Pairings?

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The Republicans just put the stake through McCain's presidential bid. 
This is not going away for a long time.
The republicans are blaming Pelosi's speech before the vote, citing it as bipartisan.  Sure, saying nothing would have been better.  But if the republicans voted against it because of Pelosi's comments, then it plainly shows they are playing politics with the market and could not have put it to the side.
The republicans went against their own party's plan.  Talk about bumblef*ck.

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I'm over Democracy at this point.  I'm ready for communism.  Our Glorious Leaders, Bernanke and Paulson '08edit: my apologies, I forget irony is hard to achieve with out the but seriously...

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This is serious, but ice's advice is good advice to heed. It's way too early to know what the final outcome of any of this will be. While I tend to agree that this doesn't bode well for McCain, let's let the smoke clear. Right now each side is blasting away at the other. This deal isn't going to pass if that continues.

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