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Jan 23, 2013

Investors Pouring Money Into Stock Funds? Don’t Count on It1

Flows to stock funds are coming back this year, but it won't last: Just look at the last five years. And advisors are partly to blame for this "....More
Jan 17, 2013

Remember the Good Ol’ Days, When Assets Were Pouring into Stock Funds?

Here's a fond look back at what it was like when assets were pouring into equity funds and out of bond funds, as well as what we can expect retail....More
Jan 15, 2013

The 1%: The Spanking Was Not So Bad

The wealthiest 1 percent took a beating last year, but it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be....More
Jan 10, 2013

Jack Lew: Good for Wall Street, Bad for Investors

President Obama’s choice of Jack Lew as the new Treasury secretary could be good for Wall Street, but bad for investor protection....More
Jan 10, 2013

Morningstar: Be Prepared to Lose a Lot in Bonds

Stocks and bonds had a pretty good 2012, but expected bond returns are negative, according to Morningstar....More
Jan 09, 2013

FINRA’s Most Fond Memory of 2012: One-Upping the SEC?

In its annual year in review, FINRA pats itself on the back for the number of regulatory referrals to the SEC and other agencies. Is FINRA trying to....More
Jan 04, 2013

Another Case of How Bad Firms Come Back to Bite You

A former broker’s case against FINRA was dismissed by the United States Court of Appeals Wednesday, but the case just goes to show that bad firms can....More
Jan 02, 2013

Happy New Year for Stocks? In Years Ending in “3,” Equities Outperform

Since 1900, the S&P gained an average of 7 percent in years ending in “3,” according to S&P Capital IQ. Could 2013 be the same?....More
Dec 31, 2012

Millionaires: Party Poopers on New Year’s Eve

Hoping to meet some promising prospects at a New Year’s Eve party? Think again. Most millionaires plan to stay at home on New Year’s Eve, according....More
Dec 21, 2012

What CFPs Are Saying About the Fiscal Cliff (Hint: Lots of Clichés)

Dec. 21 is a critical day in the fiscal cliff talks, as Congress is unlikely to vote on anything between Christmas and New Year’s. Here’s what some....More
Dec 14, 2012

Could Mobile Be in LPL’s Future?

LPL Financial has hired a new chief information officer from Dell, with the hopes of expanding its technology onto mobile platforms....More
Dec 13, 2012

12 Surprising ETF Trends in 2012

ETFs had a strong year, taking in $154 billion in assets so far. A recent special report by BlackRock reveals some surprising trends about this....More
Dec 12, 2012

Is It Time to Get Back Into Treasuries?

Over the last year, many have questioned whether we could be headed for a Treasury bubble, and since then, flows to Treasuries have tapered off. But....More
Dec 04, 2012

I’m with NAPFA; No More Alphabet Soup

How many designations is too many? Today NAPFA announced it is only going to accept one: the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, for those....More
Dec 03, 2012

Our Stock Markets No Longer Work; Here’s Why1

Retail investors have yanked $99 billion out of stock funds this year, but maybe it’s not because of fear. The former CFO of MF Global argues that....More
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