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WILLIAM F. RAINALDI, CFP®, AEP co-founded The Kugler Company and is co-author and editor of the bulk of the company’s training materials and planning software (www.kuglersystem.com). He is a former Adjunct Lecturer at New York University's School of Continuing Education.

Social Security Changes for Same-Sex Couples
It’s safe to say that same-sex couples now want and need more help with their Social Security than ever before.
Update: Changes to Social Security Rules
Major changes have just come to Social Security, particularly to the claiming strategies many people have been talking about for the past few years.
Social Security and Government Employees Part 3: Government Pension Offset
Let's discuss the government pension offset which is used to reduce Social Security spousal benefits to offset a perceived “windfall.”
Social Security and Government Employees: Part 2
Let’s look at the windfall elimination provision, which is used to reduce a worker’s Social Security benefits to offset the perceived windfall.
Social Security and Government Employees: Part 1 3
An advisor who can provide good retirement planning information to government employees can be of enormous value, particularly when it comes to Social Security.
Children’s Social Security Benefits and the Maximum Family Benefit: Part 1
Good news: When a worker retires, if certain requirements are satisfied, other family members may qualify to receive benefits based on the worker’s Social Security record.
Working After Full Retirement Age  1
Does a client’s Social Security benefit go up if he decides to work an extra year after he retires, say between the ages of 66 and 67?
When Retired Clients Try to Go Back To Work
There are two major problems if someone is still working and decides to collect Social Security benefits early, that is, before his full retirement age.
Buy/Sell Agreement for a Family C Corporation With Accumulated E&P 
Frank L. Rainaldi, William Rainaldi & Patrick J.Deo discuss a number of situations in which a stockholder in a family C corporation with accumulated earnings and profits (E&P) might want to sell his stock
Social Security and Life Insurance
Here are some of the problems associated with Social Security benefits and how the creative use of life insurance can help fix these issues.
Social Security Taxation
SS benefits are taxed more favorably than, for example, distributions from an individual retirement account.
social security card money
Divorced Spouse’s Survivor Social Security Benefits Simplified
A divorced spouse may qualify for the same spousal benefits as a married spouse.
Social Security Survivor Benefits Simplified
In many cases, survivor benefits can have just as much of an impact as spousal benefits.
Insured Buy/Sell Agreement for a C Corporation 
The accounting and tax aspects of a C corporation and a partnership are considerably different
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