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Stephen and Kevin Show Episode 40: Psychology in Sales
Understanding human behavior, especially with the affluent, is critically important to high-level sales skills. By understanding some of the common psychological biases, you are able to better understand yourself, your clients, and your prospects.
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Seven Tips for Building the Perfect Day
There are some commonalities in how the industry’s most productive people manage their days. The following are a few worth mentioning.
Stephen and Kevin Show Episode 39: What Are Your Success Limiters?
Success Limiters™are mental hang-ups that have limited your success in the past. They distract us. They stop us in our tracks. They take us off course. Ultimately, they hold us back from reaching our potential.
Stephen and Kevin Show Episode 38: Six Times You Should Ask for Feedback
Most financial professionals we know don’t ask for feedback. Why? They’re afraid of what they might hear or they assume they won’t receive honest feedback anyway.
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Remove Your Earmuffs and Ask for Feedback
Six instances where asking for feedback can be invaluable.
Stephen and Kevin Show Episode 37: Five Proven Ways to Get More Unsolicited Referrals
Five proven strategies to increase the flow of unsolicited referrals.
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Avoid Advisor Burnout 1
The effort that it takes to be helpful to coworkers and clients should not be taken lightly.
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Smooth Sailing Through the Fee Conversation
The following are preventative measures you can take to minimize fee concerns and ultimately sail through the fee conversation.
Stephen and Kevin Show Episode 36: 10 Signs Your Clients May Be Seeing Someone Else
It’s hard to bring in new clients—it’s even harder to lose them (emotionally at least).
Ten Signs Your Client May Be Jumping Ship 2
Tips on how to identify clients with "one foot out the door."
Stephen and Kevin Show Episode 35: Behavioral Finance with Dr. Daniel Crosby
Recent research has shown that financial advisors do more than portfolio construction and wealth management.
Stephen and Kevin Show Episode 34: Why You Should Watch the Olympics with Clients and Prospects
The Olympics in Rio are right around the corner. In our latest episode, we offer some clever ideas to maximize these historic games with both clients and prospects.
Putting Some “Drama” in Your Social Prospecting
There is a natural, yet powerful, way of broaching a business conversation with a social prospect. It's called "the dramatic approach."
Patience + Urgency = Magic Formula 1
You need urgency in day-to-day execution of activities. You need patience in seeing your hard work pay off.
Stephen and Kevin Show Episode 33: Telling Stories that Sell
When done correctly, story telling can be a highly effective way to connect with prospects.
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