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Stan Luxenberg is a freelance writer specializing in mutual funds and investing. He was executive editor of Individual Investor magazine.

Articles by Stan Luxenberg
Is Russia Cold or Hot?
Fund managers say the Russian stock market is among the cheapest in the world, but the stocks of Putin’s country are only suitable for clients with strong stomachs.
Bargain Hunting in the Emerging Markets
Are developing equity markets oversold? Here's how to play the rebound.
The Quant Comeback
With the strong results of quant funds last year, some clients may be inclined to jump in. But for best results, pick management teams that have long records for delivering winning results.
Au Contraire
Contrarian funds should not get overlooked in raging bull markets. Long-term investors profit from the out-of-step strategies.
For Some Active Funds, Luck Has Nothing to Do With It  2
On average, actively managed funds do poorly. But there are some outliers, and their records are so compelling that it’s hard to attribute the success to luck.
The Price of Buying High
A recent study by Morningstar suggests the costs of ill-timed moves.
A Real Estate Revival?
Real estate was one of the worst performers of 2013, but some analysts are betting on a rebound this year. Here’s how to play it
The Case for Mutual Funds
The advantages of the ETF structure are limited, and for many investors, mutual funds can be as cheap as comparable ETFs.
Playing the Muni Downtrend
Was the downturn in municipal bonds overblown? Many portfolio managers are betting that munis will rebound. Here’s how to play it.
Can Target-Date Funds Provide Enough to Last?
Can the target funds actually provide enough income to last through long retirements? Fund companies think so, but some analysts are expressing doubts.
Going Aggressive
While small stocks are not likely to produce outsized returns, there are good reasons to hold some aggressive funds.
A Tactical Turnaround
To critics, it sounds like market timing, heresy for most professional investors. But a handful of new tactical allocation funds are beating the odds.
Vanguard Forecasts Strong Growth in U.S. Economy
Despite the doom and gloom and the uncertainty in Washington, Vanguard’s chief economist believes the U.S. is about to enter an era of strong growth and massive gains in productivity.
Is Smart Beta a Smart Idea?
ETF companies have been rushing to introduce portfolios that weight holdings in unconventional ways. But can smart beta funds shine over the long term?
Getting Yield in Short Duration Bonds 1
One way to prepare for rate rises—without sacrificing much long-term performance—is to consider solid short-term bond funds that pay relatively rich yields.
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