Mindy Diamond

Columnist: Career Moves,
President and CEO, Diamond Consultants

Mindy Diamond is President & CEO of Diamond Consultants in Chester, NJ, a nationally recognized boutique search and consulting firm in the financial services industry.

Spousal Team Dynamics
It takes willingness, understanding and a thick skin to make a spousal partnership succeed, but it’s worth it.
Considering a Move? Conduct a Gap Analysis First
A gap analysis can help advisors determine if they are in the right place, if they should move, and where they should consider moving to.
The Breakup: When Partnerships Go Awry
Problems between partners can often be magnified when the team explores a move.
Take the Sunset Package or Sell the Business? 2
Making the decision to retire completely or to scale back your work schedule is a big step. Smart advisors will explore their options carefully.
Ten Years of Myths and Moving
In honor of this column’s 10-year anniversary, a look back at the myths about moving and how things have changed.
The Waiting Game 1
Just as you can’t time the market, you can’t time a move to another firm—or, at least, you shouldn’t.
The Odd Couple  Walter Matheu Jack Lemon
When CPAs and Wealth Managers Come Together
While the advisor and accountant might seem like an odd couple, there are synergies to be had, as long as the CPA understands that a wealth management firm cannot be run like an accounting firm and vice-a-versa.
Why Aren’t More Women in Wealth Management? 1
What’s behind the lack of women in the industry and how we can get more in the ranks
Outgrowing the IBD
There are options for entrepreneurial advisors looking to grow their business and run a more efficient operation.
Culture: Hard to Define, Impossible to Ignore
Every firm touts their “culture” as a selling point to recruits. But what does it really mean?
Free Agents
Forgiveness of firm retention packages turns the heat up on recruiting.
The New, New Independence
Many existing independent firms don’t meet the needs of advisors serving ultra-high-net-worth clients and those who want equity ownership. But some new players are starting to change that.
Coming Together
While a successful partnership can be great for an advisor’s business, unsuccessful ones can be a death knell.
The Best Laid Plans
Most advisors are very deliberate and strategic when planning for clients. So why shouldn’t they do the same when planning for their own careers?
When Good Advisors Get Fired
As compliance departments become more vigilant, it's not uncommon for good advisors to get fired for minor, unintended infractions. But there is life after termination.
Take the Sunset Package or Sell the Business?
September 29, 2014

Thank you Ron for your thought provoking and smart response to my recent column on succession planning. I agree with you completely that an advisor would generally earn...

The Long Road Home
July 24, 2013

Hi Steve - Thank you for commenting. Your points are well-taken also. We work across the entire landscape – from the traditional brokerage firms to the independent space....

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