Matt Oechsli

Columnist: The Inner Game

Matt Oechsli is author of Building a Successful 21st Century Financial Practice: Attracting, Servicing & Retaining Affluent Clients.

Three Tips for Reducing Financial Advisor Stress & Improving Productivity
The standard techniques for reducing stress are all within a financial advisor’s control, and so are these tips.
Three Core Beliefs Financial Advisors Must Have
This level of financial advisor belief guarantees execution – doing whatever it takes.
3 Affluent 'Ah-ha’s' Financial Advisors Should Know
Financial advisors need to understand the power of word-of-mouth influence, the importance of crafting and managing their reputation, and mastering the art of the personal introduction.
You’re Just Not That Interesting
The less you talk about yourself, the more quickly you build rapport with an affluent prospect.
How Financial Advisors can Subliminally Program Clients to Prospect for Them
It’s helpful to think of subliminal programming as planting seeds, with hopes that with a little fertilization, there’s a call to action.
Seven Phrases Advisors Should Never Use 2
Nobody likes to be sold to, especially today’s affluent. Yet many people still try to sell their products and services to this lucrative consumer niche, including financial advisors.
How Financial Advisors Handle Prospects Who Don’t Qualify Without Insulting Them
The short answer: very delicately, but firmly. However there are a handful of scenarios that an advisor should be prepared to address.
The Right Financial Advisor Questions - at the Right Time in Social Prospecting 1
Taking a look at three levels of questioning as a progression for your social prospecting.
Five Most Frequent Financial Industry Questions
Industry questions heard most frequently by Matt Oechsli of The Oechsli Institute.
What’s Your “Project $200 Million”?
Many financial advisors don’t know how good they can be, especially when it comes to client acquisition. Here are five steps to follow to help any advisor reach their goals.
5 Tips for Leading an Elite Wealth Management Team
Lead by example: Whether you’re a team of three or a baker’s dozen, all eyes are on you. You’re living in the proverbial fishbowl and these tips might serve as a gentle reminder.
Five Tips for Enhancing Financial Advisor Productivity
The day-to-day world of a financial advisor is full of distractions. The following tips will help improve the efficiency of any advisor.
Building a Multigenerational Wealth Management Team
Elite advisors kill two birds with one stone: succession planning and next gen wealth transfer.
Are You Doing $1,500 Per Hour Activities?
How do you delegate your tasks and responsibilities as an advisor? Here's an exercise to determine what your time is worth.
Crafting Your Story 2
Since financial advisors need to be able to connect with clients, prospects, and COIs, every financial advisor should be able to conversationally tell a Cliff-Note version of his or her story.
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