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Mark Miller is a journalist and author who writes about trends in retirement and aging. He is a columnist for Reuters and also contributes to Morningstar and the AARP magazine. Mark is the author of The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security: Practical Strategies for Money, Work and Living. He edits

Are You Considering Retirement Abroad? What You Need to Know
Are you encountering clients thinking of retiring abroad? Here’s a checklist of items to keep in mind when they become footloose.
Prioritizing Retirement Tradeoffs
Late-career years should be peak years for earning, saving and investing. But the numbers show that clients who want to mix work and play - often at the expense of saving - actually could be doing the best possible thing for their retirement security.
Unplanned Retirement 
Half of all retirees quit working before they planned to. If that happens to your client, how can you minimize the damage?
Filing Early for Social Security—Five Takeaways
Deciding when to claim Social Security benefits is one of the most important retirement moves you will make. Check out these five important takeaways
The Problem with the Glide Path
Are financial advisors moving clients out of stocks too soon? New research should prompt many to reconsider their strategies.
A Step Back for Reverse Mortgages
New rules affecting reverse mortgages may make them less attractive as a financial planning tool.
Gallery: 5 Takeaways - Planning for Non-Retirement
Here are the five takeaways from Planning For Non-Retirment
Planning For Non-Retirement
The fastest growing segment of the labor force is workers over the age of 65. But even if your clients have no intention of retiring, you can still help them get the most out of earned benefits. Here’s how.
Should Older Clients Pay Off their Mortgages?
Are you in denial about your older clients’ mortgage debt? Many are carrying that debt into retirement. Here’s why that’s a mistake.
Navigating New Healthcare Options 
With changes to health care insurance choices imminent, how should advisors help retirees cope with the repercussions? We turn to a health care expert and consultant, Dr. Kathryn McCabe Votava of, for some answers.
Obamacare’s Coming. Are You Ready?  4
The new healthcare exchanges coming Oct. 1 could present an opportunity for pre-retirees who don’t have group health insurance.
Retirement Spending Is Not A Straight Line
The standard method of projecting a client’s spending pattern may have them saving too much.
The Voice of Reason for Jittery Employers
A growing number of employers are worried that their workers won’t be prepared to retire. For advisors who consult with workplace plans, the heat is on.
Generational Dependence: Helping Clients Cope 
A growing number of families are supporting both adult children and aging parents—forcing financial advisors to rewrite their clients’ playbook. Here’s how.
Retirement and Health Care: Bad Rx
You and your clients are likely underestimating how much will be spent on health care during retirement. Here’s how to predict the costs.
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