Kevin Nichols

Director of Coaching

Kevin Nichols is the author of The Indispensable LinkedIn Sales Guide for Financial Advisors and the Director of Coaching for The Oechsli Institute.  He is a leading expert on Social Media marketing and delivers speeches and conducts workshops throughout the country. He has coached hundreds of financial advisors and numerous wealth management teams. He is also the co-author of the FastTrack for Growth newsletter for Follow him on twitter @KevinANichols.

'Why Don’t My Clients Bring Prospects to My Events?'
If your objective is to hold events that are more than just appreciation events, follow these steps.
Five Ways to Market March Madness
It’s tourney time! Few sporting events get as much attention as March Madness. Why not leverage this “buzz” to do some relationship marketing?
Deepen Relationships Using a Personal Facebook Account
Using Facebook is ideal for financial advisors who are interested in deepening relationships with their clients, COIs, and prospects
Fact: New Advisors Lose More Clients to Robo-Advisors
What do you say when someone asks you about do-it-yourself options, robo-advisors, and other low-cost alternatives? Most of your competition is caught off-guard when asked. Don’t let this be you.
'New to Area' LinkedIn Prospecting
LinkedIn’s Advanced Search function is powerful, like a souped-up Corvette. The irony is that most advisors drive this Corvette like a grandmother
One Step Ahead of Your Prospects’ Concerns
When prospect’s don’t accept your request to discuss business, rather than assuming you’re hearing an “objection” or “stall” – understand that it’s usually just a signal of an underlying concern.
Congrats on Your Job Loss!
The advisors we work with who are excellent with LinkedIn are very thoughtful with how they use it. Make sure you don’t let the technology replace your thinking.
Three Steps for More COI Referrals
Chances are, your CPA and attorney partners don’t get as much training as you do on the topic of working with other professionals. In many ways, it’s up to you to offer best practices on how these relationships works best.
Needy Advisors Have Skinny Kids
While you might feel you are just being diligent, your prospect may feel you are being needy.
Newsle-it! is like Google Alerts on steroids. It notifies you when any of your contacts are mentioned on the web and is automatically synced with your LinkedIn and/or Facebook.
Using ‘Brand Impressions’ to Warm Up Your Cold Prospects
If you are implementing colder prospecting tactics (especially through social networks like LinkedIn) it’s imperative that you have a clearly defined strategy for developing awareness.
How to be a LinkedIn 'Giver'
Your success on LinkedIn lies in your ability to build strong and meaningful relationships with the connections that have potential to introduce you and spread positive word-of-mouth.
Three Tips to Working with Boomer Colleagues 3
Done properly, you leverage the best of what both age groups have to offer.
20 Outside-the-Box COIs for Financial Advisors
There is no need for advisors to limit themselves to only the traditional CPA and attorney partners when thinking about Centers of Influence
Five Tips for Money-Making Review Meetings
Success in financial services is all about relationship management linked to relationship marketing.
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