Jeff Spears

Founder and CEO

Jeff Spears is Founder and CEO of Sanctuary Wealth Services, champion of the independent advisor and author of the acclaimed blog,Wealth Consigliere.  Follow Jeff on Twitterand Facebook.

Why Your Clients Need A Board
Change is difficult, but making the tough decisions will help save our local governments just like they can secure our client’s legacy.
Are We At A Legal Tipping Point?
A law doesn’t change until it hurts more people than it helps. We have reached that tipping point in terms of the fiduciary standard.
God, Wealth Management And Happiness 8
Blaise Pascal's construct introducing probability theory has stood the test of time, and it can be applied to another weighty question: Should people believe in wealth management?
A “Back to Basics” Reading List for Advisors
Sanctuary Wealth Services’ Jeff Spears on returning to the books that provide the intellectual foundation for a successful financial advisor.
Can You Meet Your Spouse At A Speed Dating Event?
Where and who you work with is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Just like you might think twice about marrying someone you met at a speed-dating event, you shouldn’t rush a career decision, either.
Hillary Clinton and the Wealth Manager Conundrum
As it turns out, Hillary and wealth managers face the same challenge: How to relate to their target audiences.
How A 2,000-Year-Old Practice Can Double Your Business
Midrash requires that we be disciplined in setting aside time amid the competing demands for our attention.
Yesterday’s Rules
Those who are mesmerized by the successful strategies of well-known leaders often fail if they can’t adapt these ideas to their own circumstances.
The Cobbler’s Kids Have No Shoes
Our reluctance to talk about money is a truly great disservice to our children.
Thank You, James Altucher
For those who don't know James, you should take the time to acquaint yourself with him. He has established himself as one of the Internet’s best bloggers and is also a best-selling business author
An Amazing Cocktail Party
Reading Tony Robbins' 600-page dissertation on the wealth management business, it reminds one of a cocktail party filled with unforgettable moments and regrettable interactions
If You Could Start From Scratch
How would you proceed if you could just wipe the slate clean and restart your career in the investment business?
Groundhog Day
The players may be different today, but the issue is essentially the same: How do two wildly different cultures work together?
Whistleblowers and 'Little White Lies'
Typically, one in 20 of settlements against corporate offenders is precipitated by a whistleblower, not a regulator. That begs the question – who are these defenders of the common good and how has the whistleblowing process changed?
One Size Doesn't Fit All
Want to grow your business? Cut the fees on some of your services, and while you're at it, charge more for others.
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