Brad Zigler


Brad Zigler pens's Alternative Insights newsletter. Formerly, he headed up marketing and research for the Pacific Exchange's (now NYSE Arca) option market and the iShares complex of exchange traded funds.

Gold and Oil Prices Driving You Up The Wall?
What’s the gold/oil ratio telling us?
Fear And Loathing on Wall Street
The TIP/IEF spread is collapsing. Will it stop?
Inflation? Nope, Not Yet
TIPS fall out of favor as deflation worries mount
Recession Probabilities
Despite the gloominess espoused by many pundits, we appear to be well away from a dip into recession. Autumn ought to be interesting.
Active Management Under The Microscope
So-called “active share” metrics may point to the extent, and cost, of active management in a fund, but other measures can sometimes give more transparent details.
A Relative View of Volatility
To the chagrin of many metals investors, gold’s tumbled through some key support levels last week.
When 'Mean' Means 'Nice' For Stock Bulls
Can the premium in stock earnings yields over Treasury rates persist?
What’s Next For Treasurys?
The spread between three-month bill and long bond yields is now just barely above three percent, the narrowest range since May 2013.
What’s An Asset Allocation ETF Really Worth? 1
Index-based products can offer asset allocation on the cheap, but it could be even cheaper to do it yourself.
When’s The Right Time To Buy Options?
VIX, now at the 11-12 percent level, seems low. Does that mean S&P options are cheap?
Technical Analysis: Forks In The Road
Safe haven buying of Treasurys and the dollar could be deflationary.
Treasury Bonds May Yield Some Ground
Flows into and out of Treasury ETFs indicate bonds may soon be overbought.
Can We Count On Absolute Returns? 1
Absolute return ETFs aim to consistently produce positive returns, regardless of market conditions, through non-traditional management.
A Vein of Gold Profits?
Some gold miners have outperformed bullion, the market and their peers this year. Our subscribers got the ‘heads up’ in February.
Forecast: Clear Sailing For Stocks?
The SPY/OEF spread’s a risk barometer and it’s saying there’s still some clear sailing ahead. Keep a weather eye peeled, though, for any gathering gloom on the horizon.
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