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Columnist: Fix My Business

Anne Field, is a veteran business journalist. Aside REP., she also writes for Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, The New York Times, and, among others. Her other areas of specialty include small business and management, in addition to triple-bottom line companies. She’s won numerous awards for her articles, including the American Society of Business Publication Editors Award for Best How-To Article and Best Case Study. She lives in Pelham, N.Y., with her husband Geoff Lewis and two children.  You can see more of her work by visiting

Barak Kassar and Kristin Wiederholt
My Life as a Client: Style vs. Substance 3
A client’s account of the importance of getting personal.
couple arguing
How to Handle Couples Who Fight 1
Techniques for handling arguments arguments between couples about money, and, in the process, solidifying your relationship with your clients.
woman silhouette
My Life as a Client: Tuning Out the Tone-Deaf
Do you know what your clients think of you? Probably not. So, we’re talking to some clients to get a firsthand glimpse of what’s really on their minds.
When Succession Fails 1
There are a few alternatives to consider when a succession plan goes awry, but not many.
Beth Blecker
Finding a (Female) Successor 2
Beth Blecker has some specific ideas about who she wants to fill her role when she retires. Our panel of experts helps her sort through the issues.
How to Make the Most of a Virtual Assistant 1
Many advisors find their ideal assistant is part-time, far away and in the cloud. Here’s how to find, and effectively use, a virtual assistant.
Looking for an Assist
Robert Schmansky needs an office and an assistant. He won’t get either if he can’t convince clients he’s worth it.
Planning For Middle-Income Accounts 1
Is it possible to build a thriving practice with middle-class accounts? These advisors found a way.
How to Talk Clients Out Of 'Can't Lose' Investments
Iraqi dinars, cricket farms, pot dispensaries? How to keep clients from making dumb decisions.
The OSJ Way to Grow? 1
Should an advisor continue to serve clients while running an OSJ, or choose a path? Our panel of experts weighs in.
A Focus on Philanthropy
Charitable planning can give you an edge, but commitment is key.
Stumbling Towards a Team
Ensemble-based practices perform better, but there are pitfalls along the way; here’s how to avoid some common ones.
How to Recruit from the Top
HudsonPoint wants to recruit wirehouse reps with bigger books of business. Our experts suggest more targeted marketing efforts.
Looking Abroad for New Business
Some advisors are finding a lucrative niche serving foreign clients with financial interests in the U.S. But it’s a steep learning curve, requiring a network of professionals with domain expertise and an ability to put in plenty of time before converting prospects.
How To Go Robo
According to a handful of advisors that have recently adopted so-called “robo” investment platforms into their practice, they are finding new areas of growth, saving time and, in some cases, rethinking their fees.
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