Hillary's a Real Nut Buster Commented on: 9 years ago (September 20, 2007)

I got one of those nutcrackers recently at a beach party. We had king crab and they work great on those.

New Smith Barney Payout Package? Commented on: 9 years ago (September 19, 2007)

Reps doing over $300K will go from 42% to 48% effective next month (one part of it).
Sallie K. said she intends to make the comp package very competitive.
There will probably be more...

Anger Management Issues? Commented on: 9 years ago (September 19, 2007)

I threw a pager once and a phone a few times (was very careful not to bean anyone---didn't want to be sued or arrested).

JULY CFP RESULTS ARE POSTED! Commented on: 9 years ago (September 13, 2007)

Congrats, Joe.

Goldman, Lehman and Bear - Recruiters? Commented on: 9 years ago (September 12, 2007)

The best way to get in at Bear if you have a clean U-4 and a decent book is to send your CV directly to the branch manager.

Government officials allowed to invest? Commented on: 9 years ago (September 2, 2007)

They're all allowed to invest but must disclose it. I believe the disclosure for elected officials is once per year.
Believe it or not, SEC types may invest, too. The rules are no short...

College Football! Commented on: 9 years ago (September 1, 2007)

SAB.L Miller Lite for me.
USC over Idaho by at least 2 TD's.

The Indie 100 Commented on: 9 years ago (August 25, 2007)

I think 90% plus of those who used to post and don't very often or anymore are.
On what ID he posted under, I am no cyberstalker and don't plan on outing him. He made a few (less than 5)...

AGE/WB Defection--not rumor Commented on: 9 years ago (August 23, 2007)

Good luck to all of you guys/gals no matter what you did or will do.
There's an announcement on Stifel's website now about John and Jim Lee if you wish to read it.

Reg NMTT--a solution for this hot board Commented on: 9 years ago (August 22, 2007)

I was just giving Jeff (the LEHman) kudos for making a nice call last week, that's all.
What do you think about expanding this hot board to have 2 or 3 other forum topics like:
4 Trash...

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