Bank Rep Commented on: 8 years ago (March 27, 2008)

bump, come on someone works at a bank.

Merrill Lynch Free Labor Commented on: 8 years ago (February 29, 2008)

Stay with the job that pays you until you get your degree then go with SB. 

Taking the S66 next week, any advice? Commented on: 8 years ago (February 25, 2008)

Make sure you don't get cocky with high practice test scores, I got an 82% on the 7 and was hitting mid 80's on the 66 practice tests 2 days out so I started to coast, the result; a 72% on the 66...

Prospects Commented on: 8 years ago (February 21, 2008)

You know, now that I think about it, you guys are right. Coming in I was willing to work hard to sell but i didn't think I would have to work hard to find people to sell to. I guess if making it...

Morgan for relatively new licensed rep? Commented on: 8 years ago (February 13, 2008)

There is absolutely no way they were referring to production with the 250K number. I have a cousin who works for MS and he loves it. He started in his mid twenty's and made it however that was...

series 7 percentiles Commented on: 8 years ago (February 10, 2008)

I agree that your scores on things like the 66 and 7 are almost meaningless. Your reward for doing well is that you get to keep your job and your BM gives you a pat on the back. That should be...

CONROWS? Is this ok for work? Commented on: 8 years ago (February 8, 2008)

What an idiot, any client that would hire a striper with cornrows as their FA deserves to have a striper with cornrows as their FA and any firm that would bring one on should leave this industry...

Romney Bowing out Commented on: 8 years ago (February 8, 2008)

John McCain, is a war hero and a truly great man, I admire him more then anyone else currently in public service. Even if you don't agree with a lot of his postions there is no arguing he loves...

What would you do? Commented on: 8 years ago (February 8, 2008)

I would def get school out of the way and go a different direction, with no experience and no name rec. the odds are really stacked against you.

Can't pass the 66 Commented on: 8 years ago (February 5, 2008)

Bucs fan you are clearly a very intelligent guy based on the football team that you have chosen to support. What materials are you using? If you are using pass perfect then they have some...

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