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Bogleheads Redux Commented on: 5 years ago (September 21, 2010)

Dick Ferry - Are you saying you charge every client .25bps ?

Looking at going to CHASE Commented on: 6 years ago (March 26, 2010)

aeromaks wrote:Are you talking about chase as a bank branch fa or jp morgan private wealth management? If bank channel.... lol. a buddy went there, and just quit. its a bunch of calling...

Dave Ramsey Clients Commented on: 6 years ago (March 11, 2010)

Thats a great question. I didnt even know the ELP's paid him a fee. That seems to be contradictory to his "philosophies." Well I hope they enjoy their  growth / growth and income /...

EIA's vs. VA's Commented on: 6 years ago (March 8, 2010)

Great stuff, thanks jagoffs

Muni Bonds Commented on: 6 years ago (March 5, 2010)

Spiff you have some real winners for clients. Have you done a goodnight yet ? If you havent why not ?

Post Bugs Here! Commented on: 6 years ago (March 4, 2010)

Make sure the last post topic is fully spelled out so we can see if we want to enter the forum from the start. Not a few letters and then   ........

How much did these cost? Commented on: 6 years ago (March 4, 2010)

Who cares what they cost ? They are fabulous!

Denied Employment with Edward Jones Commented on: 6 years ago (March 4, 2010)

Quote:haha yes my pants were ON and ZIPPED 
This is exactly why you weren't hired. When you go into the RL office for the attempt at the override make sure your pants are...

IRA to Gold IRA - Government approves rollover Commented on: 6 years ago (March 3, 2010)

Absolutely a sign from above that Gold is near the high.

John and Bill Commented on: 6 years ago (March 3, 2010)

Quote:How many phone calls did John make to his broker during that time frame?  Is John now on the list of future GKN candidates?   What did Bill and his advisor do with...

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