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  • Oct 1, 2013

    If Institutional Consultants Can’t Pick Managers, Who Can?

    If even pension fund consultants—who’s sole job it is to rigorously vet managers for use by the largest asset pools in the world—can't pick winners, what makes advisors think they can?...More
  • May 8, 2013

    A Dose of Reality for Active Managers

    Schroder's top investment advisor says it's not enough for active fund mangers to simply beat the benchmark, they need to deliver results based on what ends up in the client's pocket at the end of the day....More
  • Apr 30, 2013

    Everything You Know About Portfolio Construction Is Wrong

    One speaker at IMCA takes a lot of common investing perceptions, and throws them out the window....More
  • Mar 20, 2013

    What Does Ron Paul Know About Buy-and-Hold?

    Wealth advisor Dan Solin says Ron Paul's math “disparaging” buy-and-hold investing was wrong. But the libertarian may have a point....More
  • Mar 18, 2013

    IBDs Dress Up Offerings to Retain Fee-Based, Tactical Advisors

    Some large independent broker/dealers are dressing up their offerings to retain and attract fee-based advisors who manage their clients’ assets on a discretionary basis....More
  • Oct 23, 2012

    Actively Managed Mutual Funds Are Investing in ETFs --- in a Big Way

    Will ETFs become more popular than mutual funds? It's a fair question since the net outflow of domestic-focused mutual funds this year has likely set a record, with YTD (actually, through September) reaching $86 billion, the worst year yet for the class of funds. In fact except for a small net gain in 2009 ($3bn), investors have been abandoning domestic funds since 2007....More
  • Oct 16, 2012

    Equity Mutual Fund Out Flows Not Quite as Dire as They Appear

    I have been writing for months about how retail investors have been pulling cash out of domestic equity funds in favor of bond funds. That is true, according to the Investment Company Institute’s figures of cash flows. But there is just one thing. The ICI estimates that total net assets within the U.S. investment industry reached “a massive” $13.76 trillion. (The Leuthold Group describes that sum as “massive.”)...More
  • Oct 3, 2012

    Will Banks Sell Their Asset Management Units? Will BofA Sell Merrill? The Rumors Persist 1

    In a recent report, Cerulli Associates predicts that banks that own asset management units will want to sell them off, well, once the economic outlook looks rosier, that is....More
  • Aug 21, 2012

    The Newest Threat to Investors? RIAs…

    NASAA released its annual list of investor traps. One of the newest threats to investors? “Inappropriate advice or practices from investment advisors,” NASAA said....More
  • Jul 20, 2012

    Barton Biggs, Pioneer of Equity Research, Is Dead at 79

    "As investors, we are only the limited product of our own experiences and therefore vulnerable unless we read and assimilate the accumulated wisdom of the great ones." --- Barton Biggs...More
  • Jul 19, 2012

    Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Increases Fee-Based Business

    Markets seem to climb a wall of worry and all kinds of nasty headlines. Unsurprisingly, recent financial company results show the timid mood of retail investors....More
  • Jul 13, 2012

    Best & Worst Sector ETFs & Mutual Funds

    David Trainer evaluates mutual funds from the inside out, starting with the quality of each holding. Here, his quarterly roadmap to the best, and worst, mutual funds by sector....More
  • Jul 13, 2012

    JP Morgan Chase's Q2 Earnings Off, Retail Advisory Business a Bright Spot

    Okay, so the London Whale cost the firm $4.4bn, and Mister Dimon says JP Morgan Chase (Ticker: JPM) will "no longer trade a sunthetic credit portfolio and will focus on its core mandate of conservatively investing excess deposits to earn a fair return." And, by the way, though the company posted lousy overall results, the "client-driven" businesses [i.e. NOT the prop trading and the like] had solid performance." (This is from this a.m.'s earnings reports and press release.)...More
  • Jul 11, 2012

    Pensions Weigh On Goodyear (GT) Stock Potential

    Goodyear Tire & Rubber (GT) must overcome $3.7 billion in underfunded pensions plus $6.3 billion in debt ($1.1 billion of which is off balance sheet) before investors could see any upside....More
  • Jun 20, 2012

    Editor's Letter: 1982 All Over Again for Equities? Veteran Fund Managers Think So. In a Good Way

    "Be fearful when others are greedy; be greedy when others are fearful." Words to ponder. Especially when those thoughts are coming out of the mouth of Will Danoff, the legendary, veteran manager of the Fidelity Contrafund (Ticker: FCNTX). He uttered his insight at the annual Morningstar Investment Conference during the "Quarter Century Club," a panel hosted by Morningstar Fund Research President Don Phillips....More
  • Jun 14, 2012

    Which Investment Vehicles Will Prosper? Active or Passive?

    "Our report attempts to dimension the severity of the threat from passive management. We estimate passives will continue to grow faster than the industry for a time but reject extreme predictions of the demise of active management. "We forecast a 7% nominal CAGR for U.S. institutional passive equity, a 16% CAGR for non-U.S. institutional passive equity, a 14% CAGR for U.S....More

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