In keeping with regulators trying to be more proactive and less reactive, the SEC is cozying up to newly registered investment advisers. Have you received a “welcome letter?”

According to an SEC release, all newly registered advisers would be receiving the letters along with a summary of the key provisions of the Investment Advisers Act. The letter also introduces the advisor to the local office of the SEC, resources available on the SEC Web site and info about its new “CCOutreach Program,” which is aimed at helping compliance officers implement effective compliance programs. Advisors are also encouraged to contact SEC staff with any questions.

“The new adviser ‘welcome letter’ explains the key provisions of the Advisers Act in a straightforward, plain English manner,” said Andrew Donohue, Director of the SEC’s Division of Investment Management. “It will benefit advisers, and ultimately investors, because it provides important and helpful information to newly registered firms, early in their operations.” To read the letter, click here.

Since January 2005, approximately 3,200 advisors have registered with the SEC, more than three-times the average annual amount.