The subject of workplace water-cooler conversations could become increasingly financial in nature. That’s because, when it comes to retirement planning, employees with 401(k)s and other defined contribution plans want more financial planning, and they aren’t getting it through their retirement plans, says Spectrum Group in a report released today called, “Financial Planning at the Workplace.”

About 60 percent of the 339 participants in defined contribution plans (401k, 403b, 457, and TSP plans) surveyed said financial planning services aren’t yet available to them through retirement plans. Some 85 percent of respondents said they would use general retirement planning services if available and 81 percent of those with no access to financial planning through their retirement plans said they would be interested in investment planning and review if it was offered. In addition, 57 percent said they would use education funding advisory services (college and other higher education planning). In fact, that was the most sought after financial planning service among respondents without financial planning access through retirement plans.

“For plan sponsors, this translates into a great opportunity to offer a new and highly desired benefit to employees, and one that compliments retirement plans already in place, says Catherine S. McBreen, Managing director of Spectrum group.