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Advisor Partners, LLC was founded in 2001 as an investment advisory firm providing a broad range of sophisticated investment solutions to a select group of independent advisors and financial institutions. Advisor Partners is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advisor Software (ASI), which acquired Advisor Partners in 2009.

The firm’s original specialty was in constructing and managing highly customized, tax-managed, core equity portfolios for the high net worth clients of the professional investment advisor. Comprised of individual securities, each equity portfolio seeks to replicate the performance of an assigned index and is closely tailored to the investor’s specific financial circumstances and preferences.

The firm’s product line has expanded since its founding. Advisor Partners creates socially responsible portfolios for clients who want portfolios that are aligned with their personal beliefs. The firm also manages thematic beta strategies targeting specific style, capitalization or quality objectives. The Managed Asset Allocation Program (MAAP) utilizes ETFs and mutual funds to create globally diversified portfolios for advisors who want a turnkey asset management solution.

The newest product, the High Quality Dividend Yield (HQDY) strategy, draws upon the capabilities of AP in active and passive management, creating diversified dividend-oriented portfolios comprised of high quality U.S. companies.

The firm is based at 2175 North California Boulevard, Suite 400, Walnut Creek, CA 94596


Managed Asset Allocation Program (MAAP) is a turnkey asset management solution, outsourcing investment management to Advisor Partners

  • Strategic Asset Allocation- Globally diversified portfolios across major asset classes.
  • Professional Investment Selection- ETFs and mutual funds selected through a process that combines quantitative and qualitative criteria.
  • Tactical Asset Allocation- We monitor market activity to identify periods in which asset prices deviate from normal patterns. Monitoring of market and economic trends helps inform our...

Socially Responsible Indexing strategies are designed for clients who want portfolios that are consistent with their personal beliefs

  • Customized Design - Companies are ranked based on the client’s social criteria, as established through a detailed questionnaire. The portfolio focuses on stocks that are favorably ranked while avoiding stocks that are poorly ranked
  • Benchmark Awareness - Portfolios are measured against broad-based benchmarks, so that the benefits or costs of the strategy can be evaluated in a transparent manner.
  • Risk & Tax...

We take a high-quality, risk aware approach to creating an income-focused equity portfolio.

  • Yield - Advisor Partners creates a diversified portfolio of U.S. equity securities offering better-than average dividend yield.
  • Sustainability - The strategy seeks companies with sustainable or growing dividend payouts, favoring companies with strong cash flow growth and avoiding highly leveraged companies.
  • Diversification - The portfolio is typically well diversified at the sector, industry and security level.
  • Tax Awareness...

Active Tax Indexing uses loss harvesting techniques to reduce taxes paid and improve after-tax returns

  • Individualized Tax Management - Advisor Partners creates an ongoing tax plan with the advisor to harvest losses and/or limit gains based on investor needs.
  • Benchmark Customization - Broad-based benchmarks are appropriate for some clients, but others may require benchmarks that exclude individual securities, indices or sectors. Advisor Partners utilizes traditional capitalization-weighted benchmarks as well as benchmarks determined by fundamental or style-based...

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