Asking investors to rattle off their retirement hopes and dreams is as snooze worthy as a 40-page financial plan. Instead, ask them if tomorrow was their last day on earth, what would they want to be remembered for? Or to remember a time when they felt most relaxed? Those questions provoke their inner Freud, while hopefully sparking a conversation about their fiscal future. The $9.99 app Inspired Questions, is already being put to use by financial advisors, who push it out to clients to download on their own devices. Users can employ the questions to prompt a conversation between family members and even store their answers — there’s video recording too. The app can be used as a game, or solo to generate a starting point for how finances may enable their legacy. So, sure, the app’s name lacks originality. Still, what you’re paying for is not the wrapping, but the results—hopefully a client’s motivation to consider making their retirement plan a priority.