Lenny Dykstra, aka “Nails” to his teammates on the 1986 World Series Champion New York Mets, wants professional athletes to invest with him, according to a story in the New York Post.

The baseball star turned financial analyst is now touting a financial advice/lifestyle magazine to pro athletes—The Players Club—that will launch next April with a circulation of 20,000, and just in time for the baseball season. Dykstra says athletes rake in $60 billion in salary every year, a huge market for financial-service providers he says is underserved. (Advisors considering marketing their services to pro athletes should read Registered Rep’s story for how to pursue it.)

Dykstra hopes to fund the magazine with advertising from insurance companies, according to the Post. His investment of choice for these minted athletes? Annuities. Hmm, well they’re probably not the most sophisticated investors, but at least they aren’t senior citizens. Here’s to hoping all potential clients look at all their investing options. To read the New York Post’s full story, click here.