Are You Paid Enough? Take Our Compensation Survey

Do you want to know how your pay stacks up against that of your peers? Every year, Registered Rep. editors survey reps, branch managers, financial planners, broker/dealer executives and RIAs about compensation trends. But to get the numbers right, we need your help. The participation of our readers is essential to the survey’s success. Just fill out our CONFIDENTIAL 2011 Compensation Survey. As thanks, those who participate can enter to win an iPad 2.

The results of our research will be published in an upcoming issue. Last year, for example, our survey found that 2009 comp had, for the most part, returned to pre-crash levels. We wrote that expectations for 2010 growth were high. This year’s survey will provide you with a full picture of industry-wide compensation trends, and we’ll find out if 2010 expectations were correct.

The final deadline for participation is April 18, and that’s coming up. We are depending on your input!

Click on the link below to access the survey. Thanks for helping us keep you informed!

2011 Compensation Survey

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