PRIMEDIA’s Registered Rep Tells Financial Advisors All They Need to Know About 529s; The College Tuition Solution for Parents

New York – February 11, 2002 — “How am I going to pay for college?” With the cost of college tuition rising by almost 5% a year and the economy skidding along, many parents are left wondering how they are going to pay for their children’s education. According to leading financial services advisors, the solution can be found in 529 college savings plans. These innovative and increasingly popular investment tools provide consumers with a wealth of opportunities and allow parents to effectively prepare for the daunting task of paying for college. In fact, 529s are so hot they may be “The Biggest Thing Since the 401(k)?”

PRIMEDIA’s Registered Rep magazine, the source of information for investment professionals, takes a close look in its February issue at how financial services professionals are introducing parents to the many advantages offered by 529 college savings plans and explains why American families can successfully overcome the problems associated with rising college tuition.

“The 529 plan is the sexiest thing to hit financial planning in years," said David Geracioti, editor of PRIMEDIA’s Registered Rep. “Imagine saving for college tax free. That's huge. Right up there after retirement planning is saving for college. Quite simply, if you are a broker, or call yourself a financial planner, advisor, or whatever, you have to know about 529s, and it can be very tricky since each state sponsors different plans."

The insight and advice in this month’s feature story reflects the feedback of some of the broker community’s leading authorities on 529 plans, including representatives from major Wall Street firms, investment advisors and 529 vendors. As is the case with all content produced by PRIMEDIA’s Registered Rep, the 529 story is informative, cutting edge and useful to the members of today’s broker community.

The February issue of PRIMEDIA’s Registered Rep, featuring this month’s compelling cover story, “The Biggest Thing Since the 401 (k)?” will be available February 11, 2002.

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