Well, it seems that the little guy may be forced to reach into his pocket once again. It doesn't look like Ground Zero is going to be rebuilt by the deadlines set back in 2005, which means that taxpayers are going to be forced to pay for $321 million in handouts to Goldman Sachs.

Today's Daily News discusses the "hidden deal," Gov Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg okayed in 2005. They agreed that if Goldman stayed in New York and across the street from Ground Zero, the Port Authority would rebuild most of Ground Zero by 2009 and put a security plan into effect by 2010. If it failed to meet these deadlines, the city and state would have to pay $321 million in penalties, which would be credited towards rent ($161 million) and sales taxes ($160 million).

So, it looks like Goldman Sachs is going to be living rent-free for a while. In New York City! I'm so jealous.