to submit questions on Estate and Investment Planning

Roy M. Adams, Senior Partner, Kirkland & Ellis, Trust and Estates Group;

Glenn Kurlander Senior Partner, Kirkland & Ellis, Trust and Estates Group;

William S. Villafranco, Senior Investment Consultant and Founder of Southwind Associates; and

Michael Lewitt, Senior Investment Advisor of Harch Capital Management;

will answer your questions on estate planning and administration topics, including questions dealing with:

• Provisions of recent cases, with practical applications;

• Value and income shifting techniques;

• Lifetime and testamentary utilization of the marital deduction using innovative manners;

• Life insurance and annuities-modern applications;

•Generation skipping planning and avoiding the exclusion limitations;

•Sophisticated devices for the lifetime and testamentary transfer of assets;

• Non-traditional charitable planning coupled with traditional approaches;

• Retirement planning with contemporary ideas;

• Selection of the proper business form and succession planning;

• The estate planning provisions with or without tax reform;

• Planning for persons living together, jointly;

• Hedge funds, venture capital funds and other alternative investments;

• Offshore investment opportunities;

• Investment applications for low basis stock and the interrelationship with income taxation;

• Balancing opportunities and risk for all investment classes;

• Ethical disclosure issues and malpractice exposure;

• Investment outlook for stocks, bonds and other investments around the world;

• How to fund sophisticated private and charitable trusts with the proper investment assets;

• Marketing and sales of investments; and

• Analysis of investment portfolios.

Answers to selected questions will appear in the issue of Trusts & Estates most closely following the time when the question is received and the answer is prepared. Because of the high volume of questions, direct response to individual questions is not possible.

Answers furnished are the opinions or conclusions reached by the experts identified above. The answers are furnished for general guidance and are not intended to be relied upon in offering counsel as to the particular application of the opinion to the circumstance of any individual, corporation, partnership or other entity.

It continues to be our experience that the Questions and Answers column has proven useful to readers of the magazine. We intend therefore to respond to questions throughout 2001, and to add to that value, we add this year the opportunity to ask questions not just dealing with estate planning but also investment management. Consistent with the practice of previous years, the column will be published on a bimonthly basis, which allows proper time for the preparation of appropriate responses to what we are sure will continue to be excellent questions.

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