Location City:

Major City

Location State: OH

Base Salary: $70,000 - $95,000

Bonus & Incentives: Eligible for Annual Bonus Program.

Position Responsibilities: Manage a staff and provide technical review and support to Wealth Management Officers and Clients concerning closely held businesses, limited partnerships, family limited partnerships and other types of entities. The Personal Trust Department is the executor of estates that can include these types of businesses. The client had no succession planning in place for their business prior to passing. It is the responsibility of this individual and staff to access the true value of the business and it's asset prior to selling or liquidating. In addition, this position will proactively assist Wealth Management Officers and Clients in developing succession plans for family-owned businesses and manage sale of such assets as necessary. Other responsibilities include developing policies and procedures to fulfill the trust department's fiduciary responsibilities concerning Special Assets and limit liability in managing such assets, as well as assure compliance with OCC regulations.

Education and Certifications/Licenses: Masters

Mandatory Minimum Qualifications: Seven plus years experience in working with closely held businesses. Extensive financial analysis experience is required.

Additional Comments: A Commercial Loan Workout Specialist, Commercial Loan Review Credit Analyst/Manager, or a commercial lender with strong commercial credit skills are all potential profiles for this position. This individual needs to have the ability to access the true value of these closely held businesses.

Benefits: Excellent employee benefit program, including relocation.

Overnight Travel: Limited

Relocation Assistance: Yes

Special Note: Please respect our recruiting members' time by only replying to positions where your experience meets the qualifications specified. Due to the large volume of responses we receive we regret we are unable to respond to every applicant.

To apply for this Job: please send your resume to <ecruit-morell@nbn-jobs.com> and reference the job number.