6) MileBug


Izatt International


IRS tax deduction rates are 56.5 cents per mile for 2013. How many miles are you likely to forget to log? MileBug makes it easy to track your tax-deductible mileage based on actual miles. If you drive 10,000 business miles a year, and MileBug captures even ten percent of miles you may have missed, you get an extra $113 to deduct.   

“Being on the road a majority of the time, I always keep track of my mileage for tax purposes. With MileBug, all I have to do is input my beginning and ending mileage each day and it automatically calculates the total distance and the amount I can write off on taxes. I know I could do it all by hand, but this app makes it much easier.”

Stefan Clayton

Financial Services Representative

First Investors Corporation

Baton Rouge, LA