5) TimeTrade Mobile

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Time Trade Systems


You know how frustrating it is—endless emails and phone tag—to set up a meeting time with a client. TimeTrade Mobile’s cloud-based appointment engine makes it easy for the client to find a time that you’re available. The app lets you invite your contact to view times you’ve selected for meetings and then instantly confirms a slot that works and schedules a meeting. You can control exactly what time slots are available for each contact. The app monitors your Google or Outlook calendars to eliminate double-booking. 

“TimeTrade is an online scheduling program that allows me to set my available time slots in the TimeTrade system. The mobile app is invaluable when I’m out of the office. When someone says, ‘Let’s get together’ or ‘We need to meet,’ I can send them a TimeTrade request on the spot, and he or she can pick a date and time that is convenient to meet. This save a lot of the unnecessary back and forth and takes care of the task when it’s fresh on everyone’s mind.”

William D. Pitney

Financial Coach and Sudden Money Advisor


Santa Rosa, CA