4) Mint




Mint is a popular free app that aggregates bank, credit, investments, loans, and retirement accounts. The app allows users to track, budget and manage money, identify where it’s being earned, saved, and spent. It also pulls in and categorizes transactions.

“Mint has to be my favorite app on my tablet and phone. I use it for tracking my personal expenses and it's quite an eye opener. The graphs and data aggregation are top notch. It has allowed many of my clients to cut their spending by seeing exactly where the money goes. Those extra savings can typically be transitioned into debt reduction and/or savings increases. It will also allow someone to enter savings goals and create a budget. Do I worry about the financial advice that Mint offers users? When I first started in this career, I tried to insulate my clients from ‘competing offers’ but I’ve come to find out relationship trumps all. Until Mint places a warm body in front of my clients to offer a recommendation, I’m not too worried.”

Jim Martin, Financial Advisor

New River Financial Group

Radford, VA