2) ChartIQ Plus

$22.99 from iTunes Store


ChartIQ Plus is for professionals and advanced chartists. The app provides end-of-day quotes for all U.S. markets. It has tools to test stock price predictions, projecting indicators and moving averages against hypothetical future price movements. StockTwits! allows users to join in a Twitter-like conversation with 150,000 investors discussing stocks. 

“I spend most of my day reading and doing research on my iPad these days and ChartIQ Plus is the most effective way I’ve found to keep up with what’s going on in the markets. I love being able to pull up a chart with my favorite technical indicators and see the StockTwits! stream right in the sidebar. It immediately tells me not just what the stock price is doing but also how traders are reacting to it. For this reason, it's become an invaluable tool for me.”

Jesse Felder

Adviser, writer, and investor

Bend, Ore.