Financial advisors often dwell on the bleeding edge of technology, more willing than other professionals to exploit the productivity opportunities of new hardware, software, and communications tools. But with upwards of 400,000 mobile apps out there for Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices, the search for apps that really work can be overwhelming. Whatever your requirements—managing accounts, reviewing portfolios, communicating with clients, plotting travel—there are usually dozens of competing apps from which to choose.

REP. magazine reached out to its readers—professionals with similar requirements, working conditions, and compliance considerations—to identify 10 indispensible mobile applications that really do deliver the goods. Whatever your requirements, these are 10 must-have smartphone and tablet apps that successful financial advisors have successfully deployed. So you can, too.



1) StockSpy HD

Stocks, Watchlists, Stock Market Investor News, Real Time Quotes & Charts

$19.99 in iTunes Store (available for the Android too)

StockSpy HD aggregates tracking stock market news for select companies and, with NewsCharts, allows users to visualize how the news impacts stock prices. The app is a research tool. It is not intended for performing technical analysis or tracking portfolio value.   

“I use this app more in the background for my own research. I tend to use it when I’m on the road. StockSpy gathers data on the fly, especially yields. I haven't found an app that gives me as much visual info on yield/book, value/earnings/estimated earnings, etc., all on one site.”

Richard E. Wible, president

REW Insurance & Financial Services

Lewisburg, Pa.