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on Apr 26, 2013

These job categories are bizarre. Most depend on a
commission which is a result based profession. Personal
success is an opportunity not a guarantee. Women
are definitely at a disadvantage on balance because
(thank God) they take time off to be mothers. The few
that throw traditional marriage overboard, I would assume
they do nearly as well as men, reduced somewhat by the
bias of thinking that they might be withdrawing themselves
from the profession at some juncture for motherhood as
might reasonably be presumed. A company that invests time
and money in the grooming of an individual for higher management, might justifiably be cautious in making
this investment when it is thought there is an above average
chance that the investment will not bear fruit if she ends up
leaving the work force for Nature's call to motherhood. Not
fair for those women who are planning business careers, but
life is not fair, and we are just trying to think out why there is
this discrepancy in pay, not to pass laws demanding equal
results for all. The market place is the best place for this answer and, after all is said and done, it has arrived at the present condition, like it or not.

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