ETP Liquidation Watch List - February 2014

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TKRNameAsset ClassAUMInception
PGDBarclays ASIAN/GULF CURRENCYCurrency1,250,8002/5/2008
BXDBBarclays ETN+SHORT B S&P 500Equity2,128,25411/17/2009
JEMBarclays GEMS INDEX ETNCurrency790,6052/1/2008
CVOLC-Tracks Linked to the CVOLT Index ETNMulti Asset2,957,86911/12/2010
CSMNCredit Suisse Market Neut Global Eq ETNEquity2,481,3689/20/2011
TYDDirexion Daily 10-Year Treasury Bull 3x Shares ETFFixed Income3,815,0004/16/2009
TOTSDirexion Daily Total Market Bear 1X Shares ETFEquity1,160,5236/15/2011
GASXDirexion The Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bear 3x ETFEquity4,048,4537/14/2010
INCOEGShares India Consumer ETFEquity4,270,0008/10/2011
EEHELEMENTS Linked to the SPECTRUM Large Cap U.S. Sector Momentum Index ETNEquity1,058,0008/2/2007
FUEELEMENTS SM Linked to the MLCX Biofuels Index (Exchange Series) ETNCommodities933,0002/6/2008
FCAFirst Trust China AlphaDEX ETFEquity4,316,4434/21/2011
BRAFGlobal X Brazil Financials ETFEquity1,826,0007/29/2010
CHIEGlobal X China Energy ETFEquity4,119,00012/16/2009
CHIIGlobal X China Industrials ETFEquity3,885,00012/1/2009
CHIMGlobal X China Materials ETFEquity2,076,0491/14/2010
GGGGGlobal X Pure Gold Miners ETFEquity3,185,5753/15/2011
GIYGuggenheim Enhanced Core Bond ETFFixed Income4,715,0002/12/2008
COLXMarket Vector Colombia ETFEquity3,045,0003/15/2011
INRMarket Vectors Indian Rupee/USD ETNCurrency1,369,2263/17/2008
INFLPowerShares DB US Inflation ETNFixed Income3,440,00012/5/2011
UDNTPowershares DB 3x Short US Dollar Index Futures ETNCurrency1,739,0005/23/2011
AGFPowershares DB Agriculture Long ETNCommodities2,911,2604/14/2008
BDDPowershares DB Base Metals Double Long ETNCommodities3,191,4006/16/2008
BDGPowershares DB Base Metals Long ETNCommodities1,065,6006/16/2008
BOSPowershares DB Base Metals Short ETNCommodities2,227,5006/16/2008
DPUPowershares DB Commodity Long ETNCommodities2,169,3874/28/2008
DDPPowershares DB Commodity Short ETNCommodities4,128,0004/28/2008
KBWXPowershares KBW International Financial Portfolio ETFEquity2,393,00012/2/2010
RINFProShares 30 Year TIPS/TSY Spread ETFFixed Income3,609,0361/12/2012
GGOVProShares German Sovereign/Sub-Sovereign ETFFixed Income4,065,0411/26/2012
SBMProShares Short Basic Materials ETFEquity1,425,1003/18/2010
IGSProShares Short Investement Grade Corporate ETFFixed Income3,128,0003/29/2011
KRSProShares Short KBW Regional Banking ETFEquity1,535,0004/22/2010
DDGProShares Short Oil & Gas ETFEquity1,955,2506/12/2008
UCDProShares Ultra DJ-UBS Commodity ETFCommodities2,887,77011/25/2008
ULEProShares Ultra Euro ETFCurrency2,495,34911/25/2008
UMXProShares Ultra MSCI Mexico Investable Market ETFEquity3,859,0004/30/2010
UXJProShares Ultra MSCI Pacific ex-Japan ETFEquity1,731,0004/29/2010
SQQQProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETFEquity186,1982/11/2010
TBZProShares UltraShort 3-7 Year Treasury ETFFixed Income3,960,5004/4/2011
SZKProShares UltraShort Consumer Goods ETFEquity4,341,9652/1/2007
SCCProShares UltraShort Consumer Services ETFEquity4,474,9132/1/2007
RXDProShares UltraShort Health Care ETFEquity2,336,9762/1/2007
SFKProShares UltraShort Russell1000 Growth ETFEquity3,279,8882/22/2007
SJFProShares UltraShort Russell1000 Value ETFEquity827,8842/27/2007
TWQProShares UltraShort Russell3000 ETFEquity777,7277/2/2009
SDKProShares UltraShort Russell MidCap Growth ETFEquity950,2362/26/2007
SJLProShares UltraShort Russell MidCap Value ETFEquity653,8143/1/2007
TLLProShares UltraShort Telecommunications ETFEquity1,034,8104/1/2008
SDPProShares UltraShort Utilities ETFEquity4,976,7242/1/2007
YCLProShares Ultra Yen ETFCurrency2,961,27611/25/2008
BTALQuantShares US Market Neutral Anti-Beta Fund ETFEquity2,827,5199/13/2011
CANETeucrium CANE Fund ETFCommodities2,355,5549/19/2011
CRUDTeucrium Crude Oil Fund ETFCommodities1,968,0792/23/2011
SOYBTeucrium Soybean Fund ETFCommodities3,938,1159/19/2011
MLPSUBS ETRACS 1xMonthly Short Alerian MLP Infrastructure TR* ETNEquity4,964,0009/28/2010
UBMUBS ETRACS CMCI Industrial Metals TR ETNCommodities4,446,1204/1/2008
CPERUSCommodity Copper ETFCommodities2,146,00011/15/2011
UHNUSCommodity Heating Oil Fund LP ETFCommodities4,963,5004/9/2008
TVIZVelocityShares Daily 2X VIX Medium-Term ETNMulti Asset1,952,17711/29/2010
VIIZVelocityShares Daily Long VIX Medium-Term ETNMulti Asset2,044,80011/29/2010
EUWisdomTree Dreyfus Euro Fund ETFFixed Income4,491,2005/14/2008
RRFWisdomTree Global Real Return Fund ETFMulti Asset4,481,0007/14/2011
DBBRdb X-trackers MSCI Brazil Currency-Hedged Equity Fund ETFEquity3,445,9926/9/2011
JJUiPath Dow Jones-UBS Aluminum Subindex Total ReturnSM ETNCommodities2,312,6406/24/2008
LDiPath Dow Jones-UBS Lead Subindex Total ReturnSM ETNCommodities3,275,7126/24/2008
JJNiPath Dow Jones-UBS Nickel Subindex Total ReturnSM ETNCommodities4,646,28010/24/2007
EROiPath EUR/USD Exchange Rate ETNCurrency3,052,8605/2/2007
JYNiPath JPY/USD Exchange Rate ETNCurrency1,636,9435/2/2007
EMLBiPath Long Enhanced MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETNEquity1,649,04111/30/2010
DIRTiPath Pure Beta Agriculture ETNCommodities3,206,7254/20/2011
FOILiPath Pure Beta Aluminum ETNCommodities1,313,9094/20/2011
CUPMiPath Pure Beta Copper ETNCommodities855,3434/20/2011
WEETiPath Pure Beta Grains ETNCommodities2,865,4354/20/2011
HEVYiPath Pure Beta Industrial Metals ETNCommodities522,5464/20/2011
LEDDiPath Pure Beta Lead ETNCommodities1,012,7724/20/2011
NINIiPath Pure Beta Nickel ETNCommodities3,120,0724/20/2011
BLNGiPath Pure Beta Precious Metals ETNCommodities1,778,8614/20/2011
SBViPath Pure Beta S&P GSCI-Weighted ETNCommodities1,268,2104/20/2011
GRWNiPath Pure Beta Softs ETNCommodities739,2964/20/2011
SGARiPath Pure Beta Sugar ETNCommodities2,302,8394/20/2011
DFVLiPath US TREASURY 5-YR BULLFixed Income572,3207/11/2011
DTYLiPath US Treasury 10-year Bull ETNFixed Income2,653,3668/9/2010
FLATiPath US Treasury Flattener ETNFixed Income4,730,4138/9/2010
DLBLiPath US Treasury Long Bond Bull ETNFixed Income1,573,1548/9/2010
AXENiShares MSCI ACWI ex US Energy Sector Index Fund (AXEN) ETFEquity4,933,0007/19/2010
AXFNiShares MSCI ACWI ex US Financials Sector Index Fund ETFEquity4,960,0001/28/2010
AXMTiShares MSCI ACWI ex US Materials Sector Index Fund (AXMT) ETFEquity2,327,5007/20/2010
EWASiShares MSCI Australia Small CapEquity1,933,0001/26/2012
EWCSiShares MSCI Canada Small Cap Index FundEquity2,220,0001/26/2012

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