James Gorman Broker leaves Morgan & goes to UBS

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Joined: 2008-11-13

How do you explain this one to your employees?


ABOM's picture
Joined: 2008-11-01

after the drop in MS stock gormans account was being transfered to the call center anyway

fritz's picture
Joined: 2006-01-12

Man it just keeps getting better...

NOVA's picture
Joined: 2005-01-11

Maybe Gorman can get one of those secret accounts now.

kappa1997's picture
Joined: 2006-08-14

Do you think Gorman transfers his accounts to UBS?

Sellout21's picture
Joined: 2009-01-04

UBS probably counted Gorman's business in the broker's T12 and then gave him 400% upfront just for this publicity. 

ABOM's picture
Joined: 2008-11-01

The 400% would be worth it! I onboarded some MS guys and they are using the heck out of this story!!

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