Advisor websites, what to include, who to hire?

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Any suggestions? Any great examples? Links?

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using a b/d or ria?B/d's are a bit harder to create a good site. You end up getting stuck with those template sites.If you can use your own site, look at hiring someone that knows SEO. With little effort they can get you ranked high on google for certain search terms. For example, I am the number 1 choice in my area for investment advisor. I never had a good ranking when I used a template site.

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B/D will be the choice. What BD's did you have experience with?'s picture
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I like this one: hire their designer - the link is at the bottom of the page.

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Interesting.  Those portfolios sound very familiar.....are they utilizing your FormulaFolios and re-branding them?

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B/d and Indy's are way behind the eight ball on ranking in serps and PPC.

Just make sure that your site loads fast, since many people still use dial-up. One of the important components is having the site use CSS instead of tables, and you have to optimize the images for speed.

Also, use a good tracking program like Google analytics to see where your traffic is coming from.

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I think AdvisorSites, has some nice stuff - although mainly for RIAs. You should also strongly look at wordpress and joomla templates. These are VERY cheap and good looking.

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Here is a link to a great web developer who also does SEO, and is VERY affordable:

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san fran broker wrote:I think AdvisorSites, has some nice stuff - although mainly for RIAs. You should also strongly look at wordpress and joomla templates. These are VERY cheap and good looking.
I have heard great things about AdvisorSites from many of our clients.  Andy Gluck, the founder, is a well respected in the advisor technology world.

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I always suggest that you use templates because they are easy and you can update it yourself.  You can buy a Quicken version for $99 that has over 2000 templates and they will also host it for you.  The real question is compliance.  I suggest you get an attorney to look at your site. It will worth the $300.  If you want a name, send me a PM.Good Luckash

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We're in the process of updating our old site and we're going with the template provided by our dept. of sales prevention (i.e. compliance).  We just want a simple one that will address a few questions that our prospects/clients may want to talk about when they schedule a meeting.  The point is that the website is there to get people to call you.

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Need someone to update our website for  small boutique RIA.  Any suggestions? We're located in the midwest.

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Post link on Craigslist for college students in your area needing some extra cash. They do good work and don't charge much. Sometimes they will show you some neat stuff about the web/computers too.

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You should look at (full disclosure: I work there). We build customizable websites for both RIAs and registered reps.

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