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First post but long time lurker (golf-clap). First of all, I owe a lot to the community here at RR. BondGuy & B24 especially - you guys are such a wealth of information.But I'm in a situation and need some feedback here.Here it is:Back in late 2011 I accepted a job at an "RIA." Hint: The worst "RIA" b/d on the planet, but according to a 2007 Barron's article... we have the best mutual funds! (Not kidding. 2007.) I have since learned my firm does NOT pay on corporate bonds, individual stocks, and municipal bonds. So although I have basically memorized the "500 day war," the grid means I can't successfully implement it here.Long story short, it has become clear I made a big mistake with this firm and want out ASAP. Morgan Stanley is posting ads every week and I'm considering applying again. I was originally turned down, but now I have my Series 7/66/L&H. Will this improve my chances in getting hired?I look terribly young for my age (24) and it's crippling my confidence and
overall faith in building a book of business. I realized only AFTER joining that the RIA-model
was so much different than the wirehouse-model. My firm can't even open accounts over the phone, there literally has to be a face-to-face... which is when I get screwed.I have absorbed so much of the business and truly want to make it a career. I've read "The Million Dollar Financial Advisor" and other books on financial advising, asset allocation, and overall motivation & well-being. I have a background in Finance/Economics and can work 90 hours per week no problem, it's like clockwork. It feels like what's holding me back though is my age and my firm.I would greatly appreciate any insight from the experienced advisors, as well input from the young-guns currently living it.-Napoleon

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