Series 66 MEGATHREAD!!

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I just wanted to take a moment to add my 2 cents from my experience with the 66.

TLDR: Passed the 66 with an 82 using STC. Used Prac Exams and Closed Books with a review of the On Demand the night before.

I have to say first off this test was much more difficult for me than the 7. Even though I scored better on this test I felt I was double guessing myself throughout all of the prac exams and the final. What I feel was the most difficult was the versatility of concepts going back and forth on the state and federal side.

I scored decent on the Chapter reviews but horrible on the Q & A "Open Book" exams(Avg 68-70). The First Greenlight I scored a 66. I then went back and started the Closed Books exams and also took some of the exams "By Topic" on the areas I struggled on. From there I was scoring 80's and 90's on the Closed Books and scored a 79 on the Final Greenlight. Finally last night I repeated what I did for my 7, I opened up my laptop and let the On Demand lecture play on the topics I felt needed further review before I fell asleep. I also followed STC's advice to arrive an hour early and review your notes one last time.

All in all this was a make or break test for me and I am beyond relieved that I passed. The test itself was very general with the questions and I felt I had about 22 questions that I was unsure of. I know most would like some magic trick to pass this but I feel the test itself is an anomaly.

In closing don't get discouraged and don't be scared off by whether someone fails with one product or another. I think I psyched myself out reading the stories on STC and the failures here. At the end of the day you get what you put into it and I wish everyone who attempts this the best of luck. Cheers.

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I took the 66 for possibly the 5th time today, losing count at this point, and still did not pass, I made a 68, isn't the passing grade 72? Each time I've taken it come just 3-4 points away from passing but I just cannot pass. I've done the online courses, studied the book done the live cram course, what else can I possibly do to get beyond the few points I'm coming behind at? I am really getting frustrated and it is maddening. I took the 7 and 63 and passed fine but the 66 is absolutely crazy I know the material since I'm coming so close but I understand there is a standard grade for passing. WHAT the heck else can I possibly do to pass it??? It is really upsetting me and I have studied very hard, each time I take the online Kaplan tests I can create on line, I pass them so I thought that was a sign I'm ready... can anyone offer any suggestions I'm going to take it in another month and if I don't pass the 6th time I am giving up.

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The passing score is not 72, it is 75. Failing by 7 points indicates that you do not know the material well enough. You might be doing the work but you might not be understand what you are doing on a high enough level. I would look for different materials. My experience with students who use Kaplan is that sometimes they score considerably lower on the actual exam than on practice exams. This is especially the case when the student is using the materials over and over again. I recommend Pass Perfect's Smart programs to most of my students. I just finished working with a series 65 student. He took 3 PP finals and the average of his exams was 77%. He passed today with a 77%. With that said, he had an advantage going into this; he has worked in investments for 30 years. You are at a big disadvantage with the 65 and the 66 if you do not have much investment experience. These people should probably seek help from someone with the experience.

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Just seeing if there was anyone out there that could help me with the current situation I'm in? I have been studying with TC and Kaplan for the past month. I started taking the mock exams for kaplan and the standard finals with TC. So for, I'm averaging about a 78 with the kaplan exams and about a 77 with the TC exams (73, 79, 79, 78, still have to take the 5th exam). I am pretty scared becuase I take the exam on Friday and I don't think I am getting good enough grades on these finals. I should be making higher grades on them, when I go back I tend to see that I have made a very dumb mistake on 3-4 questions each exam. So my knowledge is much greater than my test scores. I was just wondering if there is anyone else that has taken the test and has been in my position? If so, how did you do, any advice?

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I would postpone the exam.

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Hey all! So my story is that I took the 7 with STC material and got a 87. However, I realized that 1) STC practice questions are worded very differently from the actual test and 2) that it gives you more information than you need.

So, for the 66 I have been using TC partially because of comments on here and partially because of what other people I know have said. I have studied SIGNIFICANTLY less for the 66 than I did for the 7 and have gotten 85, 77, 83 and 78 on the first 4 tests by TC. The 78 doesn't worry me too much because frankly i took the 4th test in a rush and didn't go through it at a reasonable pace. However, I am slightly worried that these tests don't really ask you tough questions. I take the test this Thursday and am curious of what other practice tests i can buy and take that will help build my confidence in the material. Basically, what other program has a great question bank/practice tests?

Also what scores should i be getting on the TC and whichever material you recommend to make sure that I'm really prepared for this thing?

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Ok here is the real deal and no BS. I took the series 65 two times and got a 70 both times. I was using Test Teachers who I used for my 7, 6, 63, and Life and Health. They are amazing for those but for the 65 and 66 I would NEVER suggest. The only program I would suggest is Training Consultants. Training Consultants is amazing and was way different material than Test Teachers. I was scored a 78, 84, 74, 76, 84 on my finals. I scored an 89% on the 66 yesterday and I am a HORRIBLE test taker as you can see from not passing twice. TC had a bunch of questions that were word for word that I would have never got if I didn't see them in my practice exams. They went over all the material that they tested on. TRUST ME!!! GET TC because they saved me from possibly loosing my job if I didn't pass. Another thing, the 66 was WAY easier than the 65. Even if you already have your 63 like I did, still take the 66 over the 65. The 65 was by far the HARDEST test I have ever taken and I was a Finance major. Trust me!!!!! I hope this helps someone because I wish I had this advice 2 months ago.

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just wanted to share my experience..
with regards to the 7, i used STC, passed with an 85 after 6 weeks of studying a lot, especially practicing the exams which were a f** pain..
I felt extremely hesitant while i took the real exam. got to the point that after the first half of the exam, i was feeling like i was failing and didnt want to go back in for the second part. but apparently, i understood the concepts more than i thought i did (i dont know if that is worded correctly).

For the 66, I was going to use STC as well, which is the one my firm provided. but after going online and reading this thread, i gave it a shot with TRAINING CONSULTANTS.
works GREAT. although there's a lot less material to study, it can get extremely confusing, especially because in a lot of questions, all 4 answers are practically identical. but TC does a very good job preparing you for the real thing. my biggest challenge was vocabulary and wording because english is my second language.
Take as many finals as you can, and go over the explanations because that definitely helps a lot.
in my opinion,it is unfair to compare the 7 with the 66.
series 7 is a BEAST compared to the 66. the amount of material is overwhelming.
i put a lot of work and effort on both. i felt i didnt have to study as much for the 66 because i studied my butt off for the 7 and a lot of the material was still fresh.
for the 66, once you get the gist of state vs. federal, you should be perfectly fine.

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Count me in as another believer of TC's material. I took the 66 a month ago using another vendor and failed with a 68%. Took it today after studying diligently with TC for 3 weeks and passed it with an 81%. The questions from TC are very similar to what the actual exam contains in structure. I probably saw at least 10 questions I can remember that were almost word for word. That's not to say the exam still wasn't difficult -- it absolutely was, especially the middle of it. But I was averaging 88-95% on the TC finals so I was fairly confident.

I'm very happy to have this exam in my rear view mirror, and I strongly encourage anyone who has failed previously with a different vendor to give TC a look. They SIMPLIFY concepts that can be very confusing by nature.

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When anyone scores in the 60s on the series 66 exam, it usually means that you did not understand the material very well. Scoring 90 to 95% on the final exams from any vendor suggests to me that the exams are too easy. The best way to prepare is to use materials/questions that are challenging. When you use challenging material, you should be better prepared for questions on the actual exam.

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Thx to all who shared their successful strategies!

I took the 66 today and passed with a 90.

Here's what I did:

-Bought Kaplan + TC practice exams (only the exams, no material)

-Took Kaplan weighted 100 Q exam: scored a 66

-Took 4 TC Standard Finals: scored 80, 85, 81, 85

-Took another Kaplan weighted 100 Q exam: scored 80

Then I took the actual exam. The only reading/review I did was in reference to missed questions on the practice exams. Kaplan + TC provide a small explanation of the concept tested on each of the questions--and this was usually sufficient--but I also referenced Investopedia and other sites for concepts on which I was scoring particularly low.

The TC exams were hands down the most valuable resource. I'd say >50% of the questions were worded in similar fashion and the difficulty of the questions / answers was very comparable. I was worried that the selection of answers on the actual exam would be more difficult (e.g. trickier), but I found them comparable to TC.

Good luck to those yet to take the exam!

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I passed my Series 66 yesterday with an 85%. It was my second attempt. My first attempt was back in June and I used PassPerfect. I used PP for my Series 7 and thought it was EXCELLENT. My last practice exam was a 78 and that's exactly what I got on the 7 that next day. Very true to life. However, when I was using it for the 66, I was scoring relatively well (mid 80s) and only managed a 73% on the exam. Back to the drawing board.

Second time around, I used a recently passed rep in my office's Kaplan login and thank goodness. I studied my ass off until I was scoring in the mid 80-90s and then went and took that thing. Many questions on the exam felt almost word to word from questions I saw on the Kaplan exams. I remember a lot of LLC vs. C corp vs. S corp etc questions and multiple questions on discount cash flows. 4 or 5 options questions. Everything else was kind of a blur. Slow down and RTFQ! It pays off.

Also, don't be discouraged if you notice a dip in your scores...I was consistently scoring low 80s and then dipped into the mid-low 70s before getting into the 90s.

Study hard. Good luck.

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Please PM me if anyone can share/sell your KAPLAN online access or study material in a fair price. Thank you

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If anyone is looking for cheap series 66 TC practice exams please PM me, I have an STC book too. Passed the test last week. There's about 60+ days left on the TC practice test. Thanks!

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I took the Series 66 on Friday. Passed with 75%. I gotta say, I'm extremely lucky. I didn't really study all that much, except cramming for like 4 days. In the practice questions of Kaplan Q Bank, I was scoring around the 70s -80s. I did the Practice Exam (which is their best simulation for the test) and got 62%. I really don't know how I got 75%.. but at any rate.. The textbook is for sale if anyone wants it.

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Starting to study for the 66. Has anyone used Kaplan exclusively and had success? Would anyone recommend reading the Kaplan and just using the TC for the test.

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Starting my final week of 66 studying. Averaging 75 on 3 STC tests. My firm monitors my progress on STC with certain expectations. My plan is to knock out more STC exams than I have to this weekend. If I'm not comfortably in the mid 80s by tomorrow night it's TC time next week.

The problem with the STC material in my opinion is it feels like it was put together by 3 different people who didn't communicate while they doing it. Various and inconsistent points of emphasis. A few questions are just flat out poorly constructed as well. The whole thing looks like a failure in management/ quality control to me.I'm sure I could pass with just STC, but unless something changes I'm not going to chance it.

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Just passed the 66 on my first attempt with STC material and got a 78% To everybody that is using STC material I would highly encourage you to avoid the online tests as they are not even close comparison to as what the actual test is like. STC loads the tests with many counterproductive material. I was averaging between a 66% and 78% on the tests. I was beyond upset and confident that I was going to fail. Here is my two cents if you are required to use STC material. The book as boring as it is, is really the best course of studying and using the slides from the crash course was EXTREMELY helpful. Also, expect almost all questions to have 2 very similar answers, be very careful and decipher accordingly.
Also to the individuals who are constantly struggling to pass the practice exams,and I encourage readers to stay the course and reread any thing you don't grasp, I don't believe not passing the practice tests is an indication of failure. I am a perfect example of that. I could recite every law, regulation, ethics, and transaction both forward and backwards and trust me I understand the material. The bottom line it is almost impossible to cover all the material that will be on that test. I leave it at this, if you are required to use STC focus on the book and Crash Course Slides. I did maybe 10 practice exams and felt it actually hurt my learning progress. GOOD LUCK as this test is a BEAST.

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I used a combo of Pass Perfect and TC for the 66. TC I felt was better as there was no material in the book that would not be tested like PP.

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The test is based on NASAA's very broad outline. Since the outline is broad, a prep provider's materials should be comprehensive.

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Just passed the series 66 with an 88% using Pass Perfect. Great material, it seems like every question in the actual exam I had some knowledge of. Will recommend this vendor to any one. Used PP for series 7 and made a 90 on the actual exam. I did do their entire program as recommended. There is no shortcuts or tricks, just study hard and stick to their program. I have their material in case any one ones to buy. Passed series 7 early December 2014 and passed series 66 January 2nd, 2015. Great way to start the year.

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Just passed the series 66 with an 88% using Pass Perfect. Great material, it seems like every question in the actual exam I had some knowledge of. Will recommend this vendor to any one. Used PP for series 7 and made a 90 on the actual exam. I did do their entire program as recommended. There is no shortcuts or tricks, just study hard and stick to their program. I have their material in case any one ones to buy. Passed series 7 early December 2014 and passed series 66 January 2nd, 2015. Great way to start the year.

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Congrats Mr. BullyBear. You are exactly right in that there are no shortcuts. The path to success on this exam and other exams includes hard work.

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Thanks mstudy.

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Hey guys, sorry I am late to the blog. Would anybody out there be able to confirm if STC Practice Exams helped at all and what they were scoring? I really wish I had found this blog before and ordered TC but any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks guys! Best of luck to everyone else out there taking it as well!

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TC will get you through it, no doubt. Have you tested yet mm1109?

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Promised myself I'd post here when I passed the 66, so here I am.

Just passed today (my first attempt) with an 81%. I used a combination of STC and TC (after reading all the support of their 66 material on this site). STC was what my firm provided and I did read their book, but I didn't find their practice questions to be helpful at all. They were overly complicated and after taking a few of their Q and A exams I decided to buy the TC exam pack. Took all of the TC subject and final exams (retaking any that I scored poorly on) and I found they were much more straight forward and easy to learn from than the STC questions. There was also a great deal of overlap between their questions and what I saw on the actual test. Don't know if I would have passed without TC.. so count me as yet another supporter.

Feel free to message me with any questions about the exam or how I studied.

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Anyone have any study guides or notes they wouldn't mind sharing? Just passed my 7 yesterday, so tomorrow is day 1 for 66 prep. Thanks!

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Just passed the 66 today, using primarily Training Consultants and had to complete Fire Sol for my firm. I will tell you TC is the way to go, clear and simple.

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Just passed the 66 today with an 88. Thought I'd add my 2 cents for what little it's worth.

First things first. It's not that hard of a test. I'm not saying you don't have to study, but some of these posts act like its a CFA exam or something. Don't psych yourself out.

I used the TC ExamCenter, it was great. No complaints, I purchased the flash cards too, don't waster you're money, really didn't even use them. Purchased the TC study guide Mon, wrote the exam today (Thur). In fact I thought the TC practice exams were tougher than the real thing.

Surprisingly, Investopedia had a great section on 66 Exam prep that was all free. There were no practice exams, which is probably what prepares you the best, but as far as the information in a nice organized format, it was pretty good.

Probably the driest, most boring exam I ever wrote, kind of reminded me of an LSAT.

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congrats what do you mean by you wrote the test? I am using tc online study for this one based on all the recommendations...$225 will just use their study guide and their exam questions as I love to see some very similar questions from practice on the real thing

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I stumbled upon this thread while searching for any input I could use to assist me with the 66 exam. After reading all the positive input on Training Consultants I was dead set on purchasing the program. I made a commitment to share my experience on this blog once I passed the exam. With the help of TC I achieved a score of 85!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what to expect when you use TC let me give you a break down. You'll be guided through the entire book word for word via lectures from the owner Tina who has been teaching the course since inception. She even instructs you when to write pertinent study info onto a flash card or when to highlight key concepts in the book. I thought that was extremely helpful getting me through all the dry info your brain will be subjected to throughout your studies. At the end of each chapter you will have a chapter test ranging from 10 - 50 questions testing you on your knowledge of what you just learned. I highly recommend you take these chapter tests seriously as they will further cement all key concepts assisting you with the final exams.

Be warned you are thrown right into the heart of the exam in chapter one which is the Uniform Securities Act. There are a series of lectures within this chapter roughly 4 1/2 hours in length. This accounts for 30 percent of the test and it is crucial you know the material inside and out. The second hardest would be chapter 6 Investment Recommendations and Strategies... Stock up on Caffeine and shock therapy for this chapter as it is probably the biggest chapter within the material which accounts for 30 percent of the test as well.

Majority of the test is memorization... I only had two or three questions where the calculator was required. You will need to know certain formulas or concepts for some questions which do not require the use of a calculator.

I suggest you read the question twice and beware of questions with the words "only, except, not... etc." it sounds easier said then done but when your midway through the test and the questions are lengthy missing one word can make a huge difference. Secondly make sure you read ALL the possible answers even if your certain that the first or second choice seems dead on... You'll be surprised to find that there are usually more than on correct answer your job is to find the Best answer... again this is all trivial.

When you sign up with TC you are provided with a phone number should you need to speak with a teacher to assist you with a concept that just is not clicking in your head. Every time I called someone was available and believe me I used that number. Your also provided with a support option via the web which was always answered in my case the next morning by 10 am Eastern time with a very detailed explanation. I found all the support staff to be very knowledgeable and sincerely happy to assist you with ANY question you threw at them... Very helpful in my case.

It is vital that you score 85 or better on ALL the chapter exams prior to taking the final exam (five in total and countless random finals) this will give you the best chance. I had difficultly getting passed the first chapter exam... for some reason it just did not sink in I finally moved onto the next chapter after 5 failed attempts to achieve 85 and revisited it a few days later with success.

The goal is to score 85 or better on the final exams ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT this is why it is critical to pass all chapter exams with 85 or better. If your scoring 85 or better on the first shot you are in a good position to succeed. I found it useful to review every question on the final exams even if I got them correct and whatever questions I got wrong I went to damage control and reviewed the material within the chapter associated with the question. I recommend taking all five final exams the first two will draw on all the core questions, and take two-three random finals and you should be fine.

Lastly, I highly recommend you get through the entire book, You must know this material inside and out. Just continuing to do test after test will not cut it with this exam you will be putting yourself in to a difficult position with this strategy in my opinion. I have the 7, 63, 24, L&H and I can definitely say this is an entirely different animal.

I hope I have answered some questions or curiosities for any of you stumbling upon this blog. I assure you if you put the time in and follow the program word for word you will pass this exam with no problem.

Should anyone have any questions feel free to ask.

Good luck to all!

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