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The other day someone who knows someone who knows someone introduced me to a "broker". He told me he will pay for my series 7 and such and such and then after I grab him 20 accounts. So I go to this "office" and I feel the blast of how should I say.."HEAT"? I think I walked into a boiler room. A more "legitimate" one..(In some odd way) I was wondering if I should just play along get my series 7 and just leave. Question though: Will this decision haunt me? I mean by getting my license its a good thing . But because a small firm gave it to me, which has no credible reputation from hours and hours of research I did, will it ultimately kill me in the future when I try to apply for a much larger firm? I am not done with schooling so this is why this is even much more puzzling to me. I don't go to a great school either, nor will a good school take my transfer. Definitely not one that will land me a job with a nice firm. However, I heard from others that  with a good gpa and  already having a license I can transfer into a  credible school. Which is ultimately what I want.So this is my dilemma, do I get the degree at a crap school and go back to another school for more schooling..(HOPEFULLY at a better institution) or do I,believe this garbage get my license, leave, and transfer. I heard that wherever you get your license from (sponsor) it follows you and might hurt you. Is this true? Please help. Thanks for your time.

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Anyone who you would want to work for will pay for your 7.  Having it already will not help you, but if it is from a boiler room, it will certainly hurt you.

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Your post is barely coherent.
Working for a jerk who take your leads will get you nowhere.

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yeah, great idea. go get your 7 "paid" for, exactly how much did you estimate that is worth?

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You could do that, but the cost for the 7 is $250 for the exam and about another $250 for the study material.  Is $500 dollars worth risking a career that you can make millions off of?

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