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I see alot of pro's and con's about door knocking on this here site.
Why the arguments. I have had 8 or 10 FA's from EJD knock on my door in the last 8 months. I LOVE it! I love it when someone new knocks on my door. Why? I get to tell them about Ron Paul! I invite them in and I hardly remember what they had to say because I'm busy telling them about Ron.
I will give each of them a slim jim ( a card with a picture of me with Ron Paul, and info about him printed on it). Then I tell them about the Federal Reserve, that it's  about as Federal as Fed Ex, and it's not a reserve. I really don't know what all of this means it's just something that I hear Ron Paul say. It sounds good though.
We both depart happy, he is wearing a Ron Paul button that I have given him, and in return, he has gotten his water bottle refilled.
Keep door knocking I say!

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That's funny....crazy, but funny

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Joined: 2008-03-27

Another Jones f/a tells a story about having a new jones guy come to his door during prospecting week and telling him to hold on a minute and came back to the door with a gun and said he could not take another solicitor, and got a good belly laugh when the guy fell running down the side walk.i got a good laugh at that myself

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