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I currently work for a rather large insurance company.  I have a steadily growing, balanced business consisting of about a 70/30 split of insurance products and fee-based business. I have no experience in the indy world and, except for what I have read on this (and other) boards, have little knowledge of the goings-on. I firmly believe that fee-based is the way to go and I am trying to make the transition.

I currently pay for my own office & supplies, laptop, E&O, technology platform, appointments/ licensing; I do my own allocation, planning, apps, illustrations, fact finding, etc., as well.

On the fee based side I receive 50% of GDC and on the insurance side between 50 and 70%.

Based on the expenses I am already responsible for, am I wrong in believing that I am giving up a large chunk of income for nothing?

Thanks in advance,


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Your probably giving up quite a bit if you have above average production.

I run an RIA that helps transition advisors from B/D or insurance based firms without leaving business behind. Feel free to let me know if you want to discuss your current situation and provide some insight as I was once in your shoes.

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