The Best Calling List I ever Found!!!

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I too thought there was a list approach that would let me open up 10 new accounts a week!I tried a lot of things...I looked all over and even went to the court house to look through records.. for Divorcees and Large Bancruptcies     to see whom they owed money to.I tried  buying or trying lists from SECO, Prestige,CIS and many othersEverything has paid off if I diligently made the calls  BUT nothing significantly more than any other approach.Spending $500 for a list today is not necessary and probably highway robbery!The promises I've gotten from list brokers are mostly b.s. but yet I've gotten a few leads here and there.I could probably call out of the phone book (scrubbed for the dnc  ; smile)and do just as well ; ( We got 8 ideas over 8% ;  Let me demonstrate ok?) simple...So I've tried...
401k people, Insurance needers, Free Erisa, Manufacturer Guides,
Courthouses recently divorced  wives...Craiglist selling boats/planes/ Bentleys/Business Broker ListsLarkspurPeople selling houses > $2,000,000
People with Retirement plans > $1,000,000People with cd's due
People new to the area.People just promoted  etc. etc.
Presidents in the area on Linked - In ( Every-ones a president of their lemonade stand...)CPA's  to develop joint marketingAs a start... I stick to 3 or 4 things now...Lord Abbett  Intelligence ( FREE , call your wholesaler...) ( Thanks to Element I think )Linked In - Ask Client  ( Here is your Linked In - "Circle the people I can call on your list ??? ) I just want to see if they may - or may not  - Want to consider a few reasonable ideas - ok??-------------------------All lists are similar...Today: All people are difficult to reach...
They hide behind voicemail and cell phones and secretariesIf you're good  1/100 will be intererestedIf you're very good 2/100 ....If you're Extremely good   3/100...So yeah ; this is a tough business and no list will replace making 50 pitches a day 6/ hour x 8 hours sustained for 5 years...---------------------This difficulty keeps the riffraff at bay and allows you to succeed!I like a name and a  phone number and I will call it  ; period.You can't control the results, Just the activity... ( My old manager once said ...)So make the F%$%% calls and quit complainin'My 2c DashGROWsavings.comp.s.  Ask " When you look at your portfolio and add it all up , Are you working with over $2,000,000 Mr Jones.If he says yes ... thats a nice lead , get 300 of those and you'll be ok...

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Good post.  I agree 100%.

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DashOver,Thanks, very good info. Good for you for helping out like this and giving some guidance....hats off.All The Way

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