Where's Blarmston?

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The rumors, concerning the reason for his absence, are rampant:
1) Taking time off from Merrill to help Obama's campaign.
2) Complications from his sex-change operation.
3) The warden took away his computer privileges.
4) Had an affair with Hulk Hogan's wife and is hiding for his own safety, till after divorce is final.
5) He's now a full-time playtoy for Britney Spears.
6) Too busy working on Merrill / Wachovia merger.
7) Threatened Merrill Board of Directors with his resignation, if they fired O'Neal; and it didn't work.
8) Put a bunch of mob bosses into SIV's & CDO's six months ago and he's now in Witness Protection.
9) Blarmston is really Merrill's CEO Thain!

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I vote for #5.

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I'm guessing you're one of Letterman's striking writers and need an outlet for your Top Ten list ideas?


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Joined: 2005-02-22

Big Taco wrote:Hilarious!
I'm guessing you're one of Letterman's striking writers and need an outlet for your Top Ten list ideas?

Yeah, that's me. And until you accept my salary terms, reason number 10 will be withheld.

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I'll cross the damned picket line...
10.  After discovering he's purchased a batch of recalled condoms, Blarm is off to the clinic with a few anonymous beach bunnies for paternity testing.

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Damm I just read that post and am laughing really hard on a holiday weekend.  I personally think Blarm is burned out from the wirehouse and looking to retire with a rocky market year on the horizon for 08, but for voting purposes I go for 4.

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Joined: 2006-09-11

i think he is britney spears

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