Will Indy hire somebody with damaged credit?

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Joined: 2009-10-23

I'm about 10 months in with 4.2m AUM.I'm getting nervous because of some personal credit issues relating to my prior life.  I'm wondering... if Big Brother says bye-bye, would an indy pick up someone in my situation?And, if you go from one firm to another, do you have to re-do the whole U4 thing, background check, etc.  I was pure as recently as when I started with Firm A.Thanks.

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Joined: 2009-05-20

If your in FL, shoot me a PM and I can help you... actually either way I can probably help.

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Joined: 2008-11-06

I can tell you first hand, that LPL will go through EVERY THING on your credit report.Made me pay off about 10 medical collections ( I needed to anyway), and then  put me on an annual credit review.Had I not been part of a team, I probably wouldnt have been hired..

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Joined: 2008-02-17

LPL will take you, but you better have a good story.  Their policy is pretty strict.I might not have been hired unless I was part of a team as well.

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